Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paddling to Nagarkot Early

Quiet road uphill was foggy and just lit by the fog-light. It was a cold morning and fog seems trying to test my endurance. This gave funny tickles inside me and it has no idea how tough I am to brave such cold. More importantly what I had in my mind was, to reach to the top before dawn breaks so that I can watch and enjoy the Sunrise to full. It's been months I haven't watch Sunrise so I was little desperate. I have this resolution to watch Sunrise at least twice a year. This time it took me more time to reach to the top hill than previous record of 1 hrs 25 mins. May be it's because I haven't been to long route cycling lately.

After two short rests, I reached to the top at 6:05 a.m. and the timing was perfect for the dawn. I sat there beside my cycle munching 'Snicker chocolate' with water and fixing my eyes on the horizon above beautiful villages draped by the blanket of fog. It was beautiful and a romantic moment indeed. Of course, I thought of Neema (my Sunshine) and wished she were there with me. Some local and foreign tourists were already there before I reached.

Enjoying half an hour of beautiful Sunrise I started to go downhill to Bhaktapur. Riding cycle downhill is pretty exciting and it almost makes you forget all the burns that it takes to paddle to the top. I don't have a speed meter but I assume I can reach up 35 to 40 Km/hr in speed. It took me 25 minutes reach down to Kharipati (base camp for cadet training center). Though I've been cycling for many years now, to go anywhere, recently I've started to take Mountain Biking seriously. Who knows I may maneuver this passion of mine to great height and win some 'Mountain Bike Race' here in Nepal. Not a bad idea. Ha.. ha Besides, cycling is fun and it helps me to keep my physical health fit. Like other adventurous sports, downhill cycling is also very adrenaline. Cycle sometime if you can.

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srijanablog said...

Jiten dai I would love to see photographs of either of the sunshine
you are talking about. I am sure both the sunshines are very beautiful.


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