Friday, May 25, 2007

Interesting Church

The massive Doberaner Minster (successively built up between 1294 and 1368) is surrounded by the expansive grounds of a historic Cistercian monastery, founded in 1186. Its inner realms are considered to be the oldest designed parks and gardens in Mecklenburg. Discover impressive buildings like the brewery, charnel-house, barns and craftsmen houses and, of course, the Minster itself with its original medieval fittings, alters and sepulchers.

The abbey’s original walls are in a good state of repair and, along with the conscientious maintenance of the gardens and paths, allow for an authentic view of the Minster from all angles. Different areas of the grounds Minster from all angles. Different areas of the grounds are dedicated to a variety of uses: the Area of Scilence at ehe4 Wolfsscheune, the Area of Faith at and in the Minster and the Area of Activity in the Kornhaus and the ruins of the brewery. The gardens at the Kornhaus with their herbs and healing plants and vegetation are a delight to behold.
The town of Bad Doberan is tin the process of applying for the monastery to be adopeted iton the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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