Friday, January 05, 2007

Truely A Nepali Heart

Wanna be a truly Nepali? Meet Puskar dai (Puskar Shah) for some inspiration. You must have heard many said, 'Nepalese are happy people with beautiful smiles'. And guess what ! Puskar dai is even a step further to make you believe that Nepalese are simple too. On my very first encounter, his simplicity impressed me immensely. It is hard to imagine, someone having that magnitude can hold such a simple outlook on life. Pushkar dai, who have toured more than 100 counties on his bicycle spreading the message of peace and love, and has such a titanic experience of life, yet so simple Nepali at heart who misses "makaiko dhindo" in the land of pizzas, king burger.

I have read series of his dairy which he have written during his journey and were published by Wave magazine. Ever since I was curious to meet him one day and luck favored. Surprisingly it was a rare luck for me to meet him in 'Nepal Youth Social Forum - 2006' organized by various youth forums last Saturday in the capital 'Kathmandu' and I was there as participant from Nodan Club. When I first saw, he was busy setting his "Himalayan Leopard" (That's what he named his bicycle) for display at the stall of Nodan Club. He was wearing a beautiful smile in his face and very gentle meeting people. He has so many experiences to share and people were swarmed around him asking tons of questions.
Being a shutterbug, I took some pictures first and eagerly approached him for an introduction. "Namaste! Puskar dai" and welcoming he spread out his hand and gave me a wonderful handshake. His has a very warm handshake indeed. I like the way he gripped my hand firmly till I gave my complete introduction. (see photos below). I think this showed, how caring he is to know people. I even shared some of his recollections from his book 'Pushkar Journey on', he brimmed with delight. We talked for long regarding his tour. He is very easygoing person and anyone can be his buddy in a minute. His simple views can teach us to be proud of being a Nepali. One must read his book 'Pushkar Journey On" published by Wave magazine to know him in depth and how simple he is in a Nepali way. I amused myself to great extend reading his diary and placed a high respect for his unmatched sense of humor. I bet some stories in the book can make you cry literally and that's what I did. It's my great pleasure to share you the link of his web-page here.

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