Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Evening at Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin is one of the first landmarks that comes to mind when thinking of Germany. And even it was my first day of arrival in Berlin I let not slip away this opportunity to takes some pictures and chase my jetlag away. Went with all participants except Chandra Shekar dai who prefer to get a good nap then going out in the cold.

In the course of German history, the Brandenburg Gate played a lot of different roles; its latest and most famous role: The peaceful symbol of the reunification of East and West Germany and the end of the cold war. I certainly feel respect for such a historic significance of Germany.

Tricycle for Tourist. No doubt an environment friendly choice to promote tourism.

Young people having good time around Brandenburg gate with their friends. Since today is holiday they all seem much ease and relax. Today evening it was cold and windy but people were having wonderful time there enjoying street music, taking pictures, taking portraits .. and so on.

Find the fake statu among these two standing army? If you can't check the picture below which will give the clue. :)

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