Friday, March 20, 2009

Tireee Pireee at Bowling Center

‘Tireee Pireee’ We enjoyed singing this caricature song by Haribansha (the great TV comedian of Nepal) during our evening out in Bowling center near IIJB, Hoppegarten. Seeing us we Nepali participants singing this song aloud in the bowling center even Ms. Angelika got so curious to know. She asked me‘Jiten! Is this ‘Tireee Pireee’ is a lullaby?

Bimal dai making his strike.

Mukunda too making his strike but don't tell anyone he has one bowl hidden inside his pullover. Just in case he misses one..

Chandra Shekar dai, trying to hit the bull's eye.

Narendra exchanging some trick and trade of bowling at the Bowling center with a local english teacher and her student.

Alexender clicking some snapshots during bowling this evening.

Point and shoot is not easy for shutterbug like us who's much more familier with DSLR.

It was nice to have Benjamin (son of Dr. Claus in middle)with us at Bowling center this evening.

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