Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birgunj Workshop Concluded

Seven day long workshop on photojournalism in Brigunj was a great success and turn out to be very productive for local photojournalists and journalist from Birgjunj. Workshop was organized by Media Training Centre/NEFEJ with the cooperation of National Forum of Photo Journalists (NFPJ) and supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany. Eighty five percent of participants tick this workshop as very productive in their feedback. Despite long distance they had to come attend workshop in such a humid weather, not a single participant complains about it but rather were asking organizer to prolong the workshop. It is very encouraging aspect of the workshop in Birgunj.

Participants on drill: fake accident created in the main road where participants were taught how to cover photos in such difficult situation. And it was a very new experience for all participants. They were also taught some safety measures they should have while covering such situation. Mr. Dhuraba Ale, photojournalist trainer coordinated the drill.

Mr. Bhupendra Basnet MTC coordinator putting forward his short speech at the closing session of workshop.

Deependra Bajracharya General Secretary of NFPJ giving away certificate to participant.

Raju Shrestha giving away certificate to participants in closing session of workshop.

Workshop was conducted by photojournalist trainers, Rajbhai Suwal, Bikash Rauniar, Dhurba Ale, Deependra Bajracharya and it was locally coordinated by Prabin Manandhar, Pankaj Shrestha. All the local newspaper including some national daily has published news stressing this a week long workshop as one of well organized training for journalist in Birgunj till date.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Photojournalism Workshop in Birgunj

Workshop on Photojournalism kick off in Birgunj. A week long workshop is organized by MTC/Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) and National Forum of Journalist (NFPJ) for photojournalist/journalist start from 2 of May 2009. There are 22 photojournalist/journalists from Birgunj. Workshop is being conducted by Bikash Rauniar, Photo Editor, Kantipur publication, Rajbhai Suwal, senior photojournalist/glamour photographer and Dhurba Ale, photojournalist from The Himilanyan Times/Annapurna.

In a formal opening session of photojournalism workshop a moment of silence for localbase Photojournalist Subodh Singh who passed away alast year.

Participants are as follows, Participant list:
Jagat Rai, Diwakar Bhandari, Jitlal Shrestha, Basanta Khatiwada, Shashi Bichitra, Manish Paudel, Ram Chettry, Shekar Chatkulli, Pawan Tiwari, Gynendra Mishra, Naresh Saraf, Mohomad Saddaf, Safal Khatiwada, Faujulla Allam, Bijay Chauhan, Bimi Paudel, Rasahana Dhakal, Nitesh Mathema, Ram Saraf and Pankaj Shrestha

Workshop is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany. Workshop is locally coordinated by Praveen Manandhar, NFPJ Member.

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