Thursday, September 09, 2010

Poking Pokhara

It sounds no good if one thinks of visiting Pokhara during rainy season, because chances of viewing spectacular view of Fishtail Mountain is zero and rain might ruin your plan of visiting many interesting spots of Pokhara. But that's not always true. Last week I was there and enjoyed the rainy mood and mist in Pokhara. Especially green atmosphere is so refreshing while you zoom on wheels to Pokhara this time of the year. Though, some small landslide and highway traffic jam are few bitter experiences, yet I had great time there in Pokhara.

And as a photojournalist here are some pokes I made in Pokhara.

Painting that nature can create and I can't help stop clicking it. On the way to Pame, I went there one evening last week along with some photojournalists friend from Pokhara.

Lonely: A boat harbored for days otherwise animated with huge flow of tourists in Few Lake in Pokhara.

Beauty getting robbed: Water plants rapidly encroaching the beauty of Few Lake.

Upside down: Reflection of Barahi Temple of Pokhara.

Mirror perspective.

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