Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Smile Like Yours

It was a cold rainy morning and I got little wet while coming to my office. So I tried to make myself warm sipping black tea and reading newspaper. This catchy line 'A Smile Like Yours' of the editorial of one of leading English newspaper captivate my attention for long. Though editor was concerned about different version of 'Smile' but this catchy line provoke me to appreciate 'Smile' that makes difference in our life and bring warmth to our hearts.

Of course you remember 'Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile' right? Never in the history of Art, one painting that has been so admired and caused much speculation. I believe one sweet smile can move the world. Smile is a very prominent form of facial expression that surely dominates the canvas of all human feelings. And mine too. Well I am not Leonardo da Vinci but being a shutterbug I have this privilege to capture so many beautiful smiles via my camera. Here I would like to share one such SMILE that makes a huge difference in my life lately. And it's my great pleasure to share that 'Smile' with you.

In my school days, I used to hang one poster on the wall of my room that says, 'Smile it improves your face value.' Now I know SMILE, improve not just our face value, it also light-up our hearts and spread happiness like ripples in a pond.

In the meantime let me give my sincere gratitude to Rina for making my life little brighter with her smile. Long live your BEAUTIFUL SMILE in people's hearts. Indeed it's a wonderful feeling that, I always make people laugh and you are one who makes me laugh by heart.


Anonymous said...

Jitu cha

Thanks for such a wonderful comment on my smile. It is good to hear that I make you happy by heart. I respect you, your positive thoughts and the way you use to make others people happy.
I love to smile and you capture those smiles so beautifully that I realize myself very gorgeous and smiley face. Thanks for being such a supportive, caring and good friend.
I always remember your words which make my day –“Don’t stop smile by saying I have a problem.”

Rina 'cha

Juggy said...

That is one heck of smile and photography!!
Made my day!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well said by somebody "SMILE: As it doesn't cost much". Vey true n well said, Smile can touch anybody's heart deep inside, Starting up your day with a beautiful smile like Reena's makes the day brighter.
Well thanks Reena Ji for making our Jitucha to smile again, which he had lost somewhere from last few months. Thanks for teaching him smile back again. Jitu uncle ur smile n ur jollyness really make a difference, we all want u to be same as u were before.
Please keep on smiling and move ahead.And try to notice the door of Happiness is knocking at your door.


basu's blog said...

after long break I got a chance to check your blog. I was wondering where my jitucha was lost on those days.. Finally I found you with great smile on your face. I am delighted to know that you found your photo which was lost in piles of pictures. I wish you all the best and request to RINA cha to keep on knocking his heart which will help him to smile forever.. Jitu cha 2064 seems lucky year for you..


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jitenji!
Bashuji already wrote what I want to say. Come on, upload more smiling faces on your blog and on your life. you are the one who always present on the gathering with a pile of laughter. Now I can see 'Life Smiles at You.'


Jitu'cha said...

Receiving comments always gives me a lot joy and I would be lying if I say, I don't long to have comments on this particular blog: "a portrait of SMILE rather than a friend who owns that smile". Humm.. life is full surprises, we never know what surprises lie ahead like these comments here in my blog.

I am grateful to my friend Rina for believing what I believe and allowing me to share this beautiful portrait of smile here in my blog. Needless to say she has given me this reason to smile even though she has no idea of it. Things happens.

Rina It's a good feeling to know that my photography makes you realize the beauty of your smile. I know it's not my photography or my words which is important but what you really believe is much more important part.

Thanks Juggy for stopping by and for your compliment. Yea.. beautiful smile definitely make a beeline to people's heart and sometime smile not just make someone's day but someone's life too. Seem like you are jogging pretty far in life.

Dear Sangeeta

It's always nice to read your comment and I do respect your caring ways. Many thanks hai. Life is all about tears and smiles. And we can pull many reasons behind those tears and smiles of our life. So, let me be no "rush rush" to pull this reason of my smile solely on one reason. Coz it will be too early and too rush. But I assure you that I will always be happy.

Dear Bashu and Sushil
Thank you for your surprise comment. Well Bashu, I think it's not Jitu'cha but YOU who seem so lost ni. Of course, I m one damn optimistic fellow on earth, so every new year is one damn lucky year for me. ;) And NO NO I think it's not a good idea to give Rina this burden of knocking my heart, to make me smile. Let me find ways on my own to make my photography smile more. By the way, I make many 'Smile' and it's not just my photography. This is one big reason why now I m Jitu'cha not Jiten.

Beautiful Dreams said...

Hey jiten dai,
nice to see the smile that makes u smile in return. Well! no doubt jiten dai is jolly and smily in himself, but this particular smile posted here has really done a miracle......jiten dai nowadays not just smiles but glows from within...haina ta bro!!
Finally, a bunch of compliments to the beautiful smile of RINA. Long live your smile :-) making ur dear ones smile as well!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is successfully listed in

Happy Blogging….

Salik Shah said...

I like the smile.

Liked your blog as well. I would like to see more of your photographs.

Unknown said...

Mero smile ni kaam ghatak chaina!! hehe

nice write up

A said...

great smile. waiting to see more pictures of smiles.

Jitu'cha said...

Hey! You happy bloggers, it's nice to see you all here in my blog. Many thanks. Salik, Annitya I sure will share lots of photos soon. And Rosa I do agree your smile is not less charming ni ;)

Thank you sis Babina for your regular comment. My good wishes for the new life you are about to start. Be happy.

BlogGossipCorner said...

I too voted for Rina. She is beutiful. Guys beware, i can gossipize you very soon. hahaha
take care

Jitu'cha said...

Hello! bloggossipcorner
Thanks for stopping by and.. I start to get thrills through your idea of gossip. Reading you make me believe that gossiping is not always bad thing to do. So can't wait to read your more GOSSIP!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great portrait of a wonderful smile!
Warmth of the hue is so perfect but I wonder how does it look in B/W !

And ya, a simple smile can be powerful enough to chage your entire life, sometimes. :)


Yujal said...

The pic above was one of the best on
SMILES i have ever seen. This is not
just because i wanted to write a good
comment on the blog, but SERIOUSLY
it is a beauty. And once more Jiten dai
congrats on another master piece.

Life should be full of laughter.
Always smile.

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