Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aloyana from Ason

I've no idea why people lit these ghee lamps but I enjoy helping them to lit and offer it to Ajima in this Annapurna temple at Ason. May be they feel happy doing so. Today is Saturday, so I get to come here and help my grandmother to look after the temple. My name is Aloyana Dangol. I am 9 years old from Bhrammatol, Kathmandu and dairy milk is my favorite treat.

Survivor from Ason: Rajkumar Pata Magar

My name is Rajkumar Pata Magar and I'm from Sinduli, Pokhari Panchayat 7 ward. I think our life is both smiles and cries. I smile even I cry within. I've lost my wife 15 years ago and a 17 years old son one year ago. Both died because of cancer. Now I'm 51 and live here at Ason with my another son of 19 years who's studying college. Previously my wife and I did run a small hotel at Thainti near Thamel. We used to make profit of Rs. 1000 - 1500 a day. Profit wise hotel business is good but I couldn't handle all alone so I quit. I've started selling these flowers 14-15 years ago now. This business is okay for me and my son to survive. It has been 25 years I came to Kathmandu and I feel Ason as my own birth place. Festive season is a joyous time here, especially Tihar (Deepawali, Hindu festival) and if luck favors I can make one hundred thousand in one festive season by selling just flowers.

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