Sunday, October 23, 2005

God is One

Well I am no believer in any religion. For me there is only one God in the whole world. I do worship that one God and my God is your Soul, people's soul. I worship my God by making you happy. When I am able to do good to you, your soul blesses me. Your Happiness is my blessing and that's the joy of life. I go to temples, shrine or monasteries not to please any particular God nor I expect any blessing but to understand people's faith in God. I do respect people's Faith, which they keep in their soul. That's why I don't know whether those God of the monasteries are happy with me or not but I do know that My God (Your Soul) blessed me a lot. 5Apr04

The Challenge and Commitment to Save Himalayan Rivers

This year festival was celebrated with a theme: 'The Challenge and Commitment to Save Himalayan Rivers'. NRCT aims to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal's rivers through various conservation, awareness and true understanding of this fragile environment. It organizes such river festival annually and raises awareness among all river users about the need for river conservation and to promote rafting as an adventurous sport.

The festival was packed with lots of excitements and thrills. And you know it was my first experience of Rafting and Canyoing ever. First day of the festival we started our trip at 7:30 morning from Thamel and headed toward Bhotekoshi, Bahrabise by bus. It took us nearly 3 hrs to reach lower Bhotekoshi, Bahrabise where local school students welcomed 'us' (participants of festival). After a brief introduction of the feast we started to raft, which was called 'Friendship Float' on the Bhotekoshi. We had lunch on the way down stream. There were less river rapids in Lower Bhotekoshi so it was not fast rafting. While rafting down stream we got to see daily life of village people, their dwellings and how they live with rivers. As a media person I see many issues have to be raised to aware these local people about river conservation and how they can benefit from this mighty Bhotekoshi. By 4:30 pm we ended our first day rafting and came back to Borderland Resort located at Sindhupalanchok by bus. Enjoyed cool evening with many new friends. I even cracked tons of jokes and kept them laughing all the time. You know one lady from Spain called Mareiam is a very nice and sweet person.

Second day at 9 am after eating breakfast, we all went for canyoing. An hour bus rides from the resort and we crossed Bhotekoshi on raft and climbed cliff for an hour. We have to wear special sport gear, which has secure rope clamps and belts. Before descending guides gave us full instruction on how to hold ropes and when to release. They take every precaution for our safety. Guess what was the final instruction. Quit doing it if you are not prepared to do it fully. I didn't quit and was able to enjoy this lifetime thrill. I just can't express the excitement it has descending 80 to 85 meters down waterfall. Simply can't express in words the adrenaline it gives. At first I hesitated a bit and now doing first successful attempt I look forward doing it again.

At the end of the day, all my energy was drenched but we had a very revitalizing evening. There was a slide show and workshop on River conservation, followed by delicious dinner. After dinner we sang Nepali songs, danced and had lots of fun.

Next morning, we start our day with breakfast and interaction among participants. At 8:30 am we started rafting again to this upper Bhotekoshi River, which flows just few steps away from the resort. It was the most thrilling rafting which consist uncountable rapids. During this day's rafting almost all rafts (there were 5 rafts, 7 person in each) got struck and we were rescueed by other rafts along. At one rapid we all have to swim out from those strong water current to shore to pull our raft which was nearly overturn by river rapid. God! That was the most adventurous experience of rafting for me. One funny memory to share, you know I lost one of slipper while getting out of the river current. Bhotekoshi carried it away. I think my slipper must be missing me a lot. Well I have a very memorable trip. By the way, have you ever been to rafting? If Not try once. I bet you gonna love it.

Besides, I got to learn so much from this trip. NRCT has its own code of conduct for rafting in Nepal, which are very good and help any guest to be an ambassador of sound environment practices. Within Resort there are rules, which are environment friendly. During the trip slept in tent, use iodized water instead bottle mineral water, we kept the campsite clean by putting litter in dokos, we walked bare foot (it feels so good), every thing was self service, we even cleaned our plate ourselves and much more. I also like the shower room which has open sky roof just surrounded by bamboo woven walls. Wow! What a unique style to have a shower. I wish I could build one like such back here in Kathmandu.

Positive Vengeance

To have positive vengeance is good in life. It helps you to get evolve. Learn to forgive people who mistreat you but never ever FORGET. I do the same and stay aware. Once you learn to forgive it is not a big deal to stay calm. 1Dec03

Peels of Joy

It's pretty normal to feel vague at times in life and it's up to you whether to stay vague for long or get occupied to new goal. So, have new goals ahead and go for it. And yes keep yourself cheered and 'get involve'. There are so many simple things you can do around and make peels of joy not just to yourself but other too. 23Jan04

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

M excited

Hi there, Just excited to start my online diary. This idea got pricked when my friend Pradeep shared me his blogger’s url and I find it very interesting. Let see how things get roll.

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