Friday, June 22, 2007

Auf Wieder Sehen Berlin!

Auf Wieder Sehen Berlin! See you again Berlin!
Yesterday it was a big day for me, a final day of my training on photojournalism here in Berlin and we had a nice cozy final ceremony. Program started with welcome speech by Ms Angelika And I had this pleasure to share special cookies (Lakhamari) to the chief guest, IIJB officials, teachers and participants, which I brought from back home. Dr. Ruediger Claus even quoted while we were about to toast Champaign, “You can find finest Champaign of the world anytime but you cannot find this special cookies Jitendra brought all the way from his home and from his heart, Cheers!!” And we all toasted Champaign with Newari Lakhamari. The Chief guest handed over the diploma certificates to all participants. And of course some photo session of the group then ceremony proceeded to delicious lunch. We all enjoyed such a lavish lunch with beer, wine and juice.
Receiving congratulation from Dr. Ruediger Claus, director of IIJB. Good wishes from Ms. Angelika Schulze. Mr. Georg Krause handshake for more solid confidence that I have in this passion of photography. Mr. Krause inspired me a lot and he's like a friend to me and his guidance was highly appriciated. With friends from North Korea Mr. Choe Han Il , Ms.Angelikaand Mr.Hong Myong Il. Giving souvenir “Statue of Buddha” to the Guest. Mr. Peter May who made this photojournalism training a difference. I have learnt so much from him and I enjoyed every single minute of his class. Since I am so quick to predict what to look for in pictures, he gave me the name ”Eyes of an Eagle” . I am simply moved by his depth of knowledge and wisdom in the field of photojournalism and I really really felt so honored to be one of his students. He definitely is one of my best teacher in life. Saying good-bye is always hard thing to do in life but we all were so happy to earn this new enthusiasm and confidence in us from the training.

Rain & Music Festival in Berlin

Berlin is a place on earth with full of festivals happening every month and yesterday it was another festival that rocked Berlin. More then 200 musical bands were gathered at various parts of Berlin city and preformed enticing music that made people to brave any bad weather. It was a cold rainy day but they proved their love for music coming out in the rain. Indeed Berlin appeals to music lovers of all genres. Well you have to be here to feel MUSIC that goes straightly to your heart. Some of my favorite days in Berlin were summer days, a downpour followed by sunshine and rainbows. And of course, walking on my own around downtown watching city life which always enthused my eyes. Well now it’s time to say good-bye to Berlin and I am full of words in heart. I wish I could express them all here but will do that in coming days. Once I back home. Indeed I have cashed so many wonderful memories and the positive vibe inside me to push the limit for rest of my life. Karina: A Friend from Potsdam, enjoying the thrill of music festival. Daphna very lively person with such talanted voice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Highlights of Berlin

Samba Syndrom is a festival celebrating samba groups from across Europe, held at Berlin's Landesmusikakademie.
The Berlin-Müggelberge TV tower is the 31 meters tall base of a tower, never completed, in the Müggel hills of southeast Berlin, Germany. The tower base is currently used as radio relay link station.

The tower was originally planned as the TV tower for Berlin. It was to have a total height of 425 feet (130 meters) with an observation platform at 230 feet (70 meters).

After construction was started in 1954, a survey indicated that the tower would endanger aircraft on approach to the Berlin-Schoenefeld airport. For this reason, on 13 December 1955 construction was stopped The Victory Column: A 220-foot column topped with a gilt statue of the Goddess of Victory. It is located in the middle of the Tier-garten, a beautiful park in pre-war Berlin, which was almost completely destroyed during the war. Replanting was begun in 1949.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Jitu'cha: In & Out of Frame

It was this huge framed flex print of Brandenburg gate which attracted my attention at first and just when I approached to take some snaps this boy wearing full black dress find me curious and entered into my frame as if he loves to flirt with my composition. And in photojournalism that’s what we say a “FRIUTFUL MOMENT”. Being a photojournalist we wait for such moment and spice up little drama to the picture. And guess what when I turned around back one of my friend from India Lalit Sharmawas trying to keep me into his frame and he too find it a fruitful moment because of another local photographer was finding another frame of fruitful moment at the back. I thinks these all are interesting shot for you to gawk sometime.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yellow Rose & Peter Joshep Lenne’ Oberschule

Yellow Roses and wonderful interaction program today. I enjoyed a lot visiting Peter Joshep Lenne’ Oberschule School and talking to many interesting students there. We went there at 9:30 morning and it was part of our course that we were invited to the school and share things about our countries and our culture and purpose of our visit to Germany among student. We even had a quiz contest regarding Europe, Africa and Asia among student of the school and it was nice experience for us. Beside we also had interaction program with students and allowed them to ask any question they like But they were very few questions and I think it must be because they are not fluent in English language. And for them this program was a part of their English-speaking lesson. I hope today they too had a great time sharing things with us.

We were warmly welcome by the school management head and later we introduced ourselves briefly to the first group of students. After then we shared about our profession, culture back in our countries and anything they would like to know about us. And questions from student were all sort and for us it was learning experience about their way of viewing us as guest of Germany. Most questions were regarding photography, photojournalism, paparazzi and our profession. It was good opportunity for them to see world from our perspectives. With second group we did a quiz contest and those who made a good points got prize handed over by Ms. Angelika. Later we went to visit other houses inside the school and those students toured us inside school of other departments and showed us their well-built Gymnasium hall where bunch students were having their volleyball practice session. We also visited a special class where both boys and girls student learn to cook food. I know many Asian countries never consider cooking as part of their academic course. At end of the program student gave us each a Yellow Rose as gesture of Friendship and cordial ties.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Exploring Berlin on Bus no: 100

Central Berlin is quite expansive and difficult to scout out on foot. It is worth covering certain itineraries with public transport and view from this bus number 100 is quite an experience. A trip on bus number 100 and 200 is tantamount to a city tour, taking passengers past the many sights between Zoologischer Garten and Alexanderplatz. I enjoyed this sight seeing bus trip and hope you too will enjoy looking at some pictues I took from bus's upper deck.

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