Sunday, July 30, 2006

Feeling So Lonely

When joy takes leave, friend misinterpret
Sunshine frowns and springs depart
Even picture which greets every morning
Suddenly start to haunt you
And you are let to your dismay
You allow it face with shattered heart
that rely on an artificial respiratory
It feels heavy and pain you never imagine
The tempest on the shore comes to rip you off
You feel lost, so lost as never before
When things are no more the same
Smile fade but memories linger
Life has to go on ....
Try once more and play the game
Wipe the tear and stop the cry
Sky is the limit if you try".

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Debate on Marriage

As Heineken (beer) slowly chilled down the throats; debate on marriage began to get hot. There were three participants: one and half years old married guy and soon going to be a young papa, next was single committed to relationship having liberal thoughts on marriage, and third one is a morally decent guy who has a different outlook on marriage. Marriage itself is not a provocative issue but scrutiny; these participants have made it debatable. Since all of them are in their early 30s, marriage frequently becomes their "HOT" agenda.

Human are social creature and they have obvious inclination toward rituals that exist in the society they dwell. Every society has its own traditional belief about marriage. And not opposing its norms and values here I have one carefully picked view that surfaced during that that informal debate which I think would be interesting to share with you all. Before you go graze my words, let me make it clear that you have every right to disagree these views.

How truly we believe this fact that, 'Getting ready mentally to tie nuptial knot is more important then age and social attributes. Individual's choice should be the most significant factor in making decision'. But guess what the custom we practice is pretty opposite and you can't rebel. Even if you do, it still is a long way to bring change. Marriage simply is beyond how you plan and what you do. Not to forget, lots of other circumstances have to meet at certain wavelength before a wedding bell chime.

"Eligible bachelor" is a tough tag to maintain, especially when your mum wishes to have some toddler around. And yes don't bother yourself to convince her. Still the intensity of family pressure is very high when it comes to make decision about marriage. And because of this many not succeed to fulfill their fondest wish. Most people enter marriage with achieving happiness in mind. Even families think the marriage will make them happy and make them prosperous. And many couple ties the nuptial knot every year with rosy dreams of living happily ever after. But I wonder how many actually manage to catch the rainbow? I guess it's very important to answer and regard marriage in new way.

About participants: (name withheld)
Mr. X: Before getting his nuptial knot this married guy used to carry a different philosophy on marriage and he had no slightest clue that some fine day, he would meet his Princess charming in a Birthday party. Those sequences were so dramatic for us to see getting unfolded in his life. Now he proudly flaunts his married status and leaves no room to tell all the legendary status of married life. It sure is a happy ending story.

Mr. Y: You won't regret labeling him exceptionally different in the horde. You can sense it the minute you start to be with him. His ways of thinking is highly contradict in present scenario and he seem so daunting not to get staggered in his vows he practices in his day-to-day life. Of course, he has many ways of being romantic but problem with him is that he never thinks this romantic. If I would make a list of 50 things to do before I die, number one in the list would be, to witness his marriage. I secretly believe that there is always someone for somebody.

Mr. Z: Marriage is a big box full of surprises yet to unwrap. Sometime he feels it's a sweet price to pay and maintain a happy marriage but these choices will unquestionably enhance relationship. Actually getting married is just formally recognizing something that have happened which will induce to take new responsibilities into his live, old activities will gets different meaning, self-concepts and priorities will be recast. Real consequences of becoming a husband and father.

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