Monday, December 26, 2005

Sangita in Kathmandu

Sangita's unexpected visit back home surprised not just me but all friends. I must confess, it's a pleasant surprise and her visit came to us as a package full of merry time. It's so good to have her back home after a long time. She got a long break of 12 days plus festive holidays, so she grabbed the opportunity to visit home and have good times with friends and family. So sweet of her. By the way, there are lots of other sweet things she does and that's what make her so different from the rest.

Just before Christmas Eve we had a grand get-together at Road house Café in Thamel (Most happening tourist hub of Kathmandu). We had a wonderful evening and a blast of fun. We dined, wined and gobbled several round of mouth-watering pizzas. And yes if you ever visit Thamel, don't miss to drop in for wood fire pizzas and other superb menus at Roadhouse Cafe. I highly recommend the place. Of course, it's one of my favorite hangout. Okay here are some pictures to share those funs we recently had. Enjoy!!!!

Smiles for Life: Deepa, Sangita and Barsha never get tired to wear those beautiful smiles on their faces to pose for me and I love that. Indeed smile improve anyone's face value.
Close F R I E N D S: Lucky me indeed to have so many close friends who care a lot. Deepa, Sangita myself and Barsha.Toast for Happiness: Shalu and Sangita toasting for the goodtime. Sssssh! Don't tell anybody that now Shalu has developed quite a remarkable appetite for wine. Merry time before Merry Christmas: Sangita, Prakash and Barsha enjoying the good vibes.
Celebrate Life, Celebrate Friendship: Having a gala time at Roadhouse Cafe.
Long Live Our Friendship:No get-together would ever complete without a group snap. In the pictures: Binaya (Binita's hubby far left), Prakash, Ujwom, Shalu, Juna, Bikash, Barsha, Deepa, Binita (in front row in red), Batshala (Binita's daughter) Sangita, Sangeeta (Prabin's wife), Prabin, Shayeet (Shalu's son in red far right) and Aashish.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Who knows what tomorrow holds

'Kal Ho Naa Ho' is the title of a blockbuster Hindi Movie and a good one. It gives simple and true reason to live life to the fullest and that's what motivates me to scribble something about the movie. This movie is also special to me because my Sunshine's favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan starred it and she says that I am quite romantic like him. Ah!... I don't know whether I am or not but one thing that we do have in common is both of us admire Mother Teresa.

'Kal Ho Naa Ho' takes place in Manhattan, New York, and portrayed the story of Aman Mathur (Shah Rukh Khan), Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) and Naina Catherine Kapur's (Preity Zinta) Journey together. How they discover themselves, find the courage to love and come together to celebrate life. "Celebrate Life" which we frequently overlooked while pursuing our distant dreams. And this is what the film is all about.

Aman Mathur, who is a happy-go-lucky fellow who spreads happiness and believes in giving to others without demanding anything back. He brings his joyfulness and charming personality. But as is said that behind every smile there lies an unshed tears, so is the case with the film's protagonist Aman. He is a heart patient.

What would you do if your road in life is a heading for a dead-end? What would you do if you had to fight a fatal illness when you haven't yet lived your life to the fullest? What would you do if the love of your life is being snatched from you while you're sinking in the agony of your terminal ailment? Aman quenches all these questions in the movie bravely. Besides scripts are simple and warm your heart. I am pretty moved.

And then there is a character of a gorgeous girl Naina 23 from semi-Panjabi/semi -Christian family, who seems to be aging before her time. With the constant arguments and bickering in her family, she is completely distraught by the conditions, which surround her. In addition to this, she is bombarded with the responsibilities of taking care of her younger brother and sister, as well as helping her mother (Jennifer). Between all these burdens Naina never has time for herself. For her life is grey and dull - as it has been ever since her father passed away.

Then comes Aman like a whiff of fresh air, he moves into their tiny Indian neighborhoods to take it over. Helping others solves their problems and face life's little challenges. Aman pushes Naina into doing things that she would never dream of doing. He nags her till she learns to smile. He conspires with her friend Rohit (an eligible Manhattan Bachelor) to help her find happiness. Rohit is a jolly guy who has a golden heart but cannot impress upon girls.

The climax of the movie is highly emotional and completely justified, in keeping with the story of the film. On the whole Kal Ho Naa Ho is a healthy entertainer that will appeal to family crowds and viewers of all ages.

Who knows what tomorrow holds, what can we ask for? Life is a precious gift of God. Always make the most of it. Whatever long-term goals you have, start pursuing them today. What do we have to lose? Try to see the beauty of the world around you everytime you step outside. Try to smell the sweet fragrance the moving wind brings. Try to hear the soft sounds that Mother Nature bears. For this is life, the ultimate love.

Place your hand over your chest and feel your heartbeat. That is actually your life clock ticking, counting down the moments you have left. One day it will stop. That is 100 percent guaranteed, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. So you can't afford to throw away a single precious second.

Lets Love.. Laugh.. Live.. who knows what tomorrow has in store for us?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Painting

Yes I do paint. I love to paint. I do paint to amuse myself. I paint for people to show I care and love. I paint to value my free time. I even paint to grace romance with My Sunshine. (One good reason, rite?) There are rooms that hung up my paintings. Many people know me by my paintings and they say I am a good 'painter' but I don't consider myself eligible for that title. WHY NOT?? Well simply because, I don't create my painting but copy them. You may have different reason not to agree me. But that's how I feel. I feel flattered when people say that I am a good painter. Please make comment (I would be happy to know) if I am underestimating myself not accepting the title. By the way, you can Click here to view some sketches which I did to show 'Beauty of Women's Body.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Wedding Photography & Jiten

Winter is predictable season for wedding bells to chime here in Nepal. Hindi religion places a great importance on marriage and over 90% of Nepali populations marry. Wedding is once in a lifetime (I can say that on behalf of Hindu religion) and very memorable part of human life, which people certainly don’t afford to miss preserving it in any mean and that's where this Jiten go busy clicking.

Each year I shoot 5 to 6 weddings (mostly of my friends and relatives) and it's an honor to capture people's special moments like weddings or just any memorable moment of their life. I get enormous high when my photography brings happiness to people. This is one reason why I put my zeal on 'Wedding Photography' immensely (....there is a secret reason behind. Make a guess... wild guess, hehe.. of course weddings are great opportunities to see and meet many beautiful girls ;) . Now you know one of my secret reasons. Sssssh.. KEEP IT SECRET otherwise my Sunshine won't allow me to shoot another wedding.)

Few years back I've stopped counting how many weddings photography that I've done so far. My eyes get blur by the colour red (Nepali bride wears Red Sari for wedding ceremony). You know even a well known photo printing service center of Kathmandu 'Photo Concern' get amazed to see me brining them more than 30 rolls of film to develop and print in a week. All lab boys at the center who prints hundreds of rolls each day can distinguish my pictures. They are familiar the way I compose and frame pictures. This amuses me a lot. I've earned a good reputation in wedding photography. Today standing this far on my photography voyage I feel very proud to be a photographer and help people to see world with a different perspective.

BUT this is not to say that wedding photography is all fun trade to do (at least here in Nepal). I've seen countless high and low dramas of Nepali society by doing wedding photography. I sure do have many good and bad experiences, which I love to share someday here in my blog. Anyway, I take all these experiences as opportunities to know about cultural diversity of Nepalis people. I know I can be an anthropologist if it's about weddings ritual of Nepal. But for now let me shed some good advices on wedding photography for single people out there who are going to get married sooner or later.

As soon as your wedding ceremony and party date has been fixed. I recommend to book photographer 2-3 weeks in advance. The good photographers get booked for popular dates. Booking professional photographer for wedding is not in practice here in Nepal but I highly recommend having one. (If you don't have a friend like Jiten. Haha) To some extend hiring professional photographer is expensive. Thus most people prefer taking photos from autos cameras by relatives and friends. Of course, you will get photographs but quality of picture is not Professional quality as of professional camera (SLR).

Wedding photography is both an art and a science, requiring someone with the proper equipment and the right skills, plus the demeanor to be effective and creative under pressure. Besides it is almost impossible for your relative to be a guest and at the same time, concentrate on the technical details of photographing an entire day. That's why trust your once-in-a-lifetime wedding to a "pro-for-a-day" and you will have bad feelings for a lifetime. It is also my opinion that asking a guest to do the official photographs and no different from asking dinner guests to work for their meal. But you can encourage your close relative to bring cameras, but DO suggest that they enjoy themselves as guests. This certainly is a good idea to cover up some interesting happening around while pro is busy elsewhere but still no substitute for pro coverage. Another contemporary flair is to have disposable cameras handy and involve those fun loving guests in the coverage.

The experience of watching a video is different from going through your wedding photo album. Most I know have no regrets about getting both. Many couples I know regret not getting a good video (one done by a pro, not by a friend). In some instances, couples get full video coverage and limited photography. Video captures the sound and motion of the day in a way that still photos just can't match. It is still not a substitute for professional photographs. If you can I don't miss covering quality video of the event as well. (Who know someday your offspring or may be your granny might wish to see it and you sure don't want to disappoint them.)

I bet this is yet not a trend for Nepali couple to have their portraits taken before weddings. But I highly suggest to go for it. It's such a beautiful idea and very romantic thing that you two should not miss and many Nepalis have started this new tradition. Moreover it is a wonderful opportunity for spontaneous, expressive pictures that really show your relationship. All you have to do is visit a good photo studio in your town or call your PRO photographer and arrange time to meet. And if you want lots of posed romantic portraits, there's no other way, unless you are willing to take time out from festivities for photos because on that very day of wedding everything go rush rush. In my personal experience many couple have regretted not getting together in advance for nice pictures and some moments alone.

Keep the album closed and flat; don't store it vertically. Keep it in a cool dry place. Don't expose the pictures to excessive UV from sunlight or fluorescents. Avoid abrasion. When kids arrive, store the album till they are old enough to respect it. Follow same rules for preserving negatives as well and be extra careful if weather is damp. Do check them sometime and keep them dry. And yes keep the photographer abreast of address changes so you'll get the negatives before he trashes them.

Most who ask this question are not aware of the myriad of costs borne by someone doing photography as a business, including equipment, developing films, cost of best quality printing and more. You would be surprised to know at how low the margin is on wedding photography. Besides, it not just photographs that you pay for, but the expertise and experience of a photographer too. Many pros call wedding work the most challenging of all and prefer other genres of the business.

Hope you definitely gain some insights regarding wedding photography going through my blog and yes feel free to ask me more regarding this issue.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Moment Making Momo at Manandhar Niwas

After a long break I enjoyed eating Momo (Tibetan Cuisine) at Prakash's place (Prakash Manandhar) with the whole bunch of my FRIENDS. Winter is a perfect season to gorge delicious Momos and last Saturday I had more than just delicious Momo. Guess what! It's 'Philippino Macaroni Salad' prepared diligently by Karishma (Arpana Sharma) and it was so yummy. So nice of Karishma that she even taught me how to prepare it. Soon I will prepare it at home and surprise my Bhaujus (Sister-in-laws).

Besides all the fun and joy we all Friends had at Prakash's place, I felt more joy to see 'Ma' (Prakash's Mother) and 'Nini" (Prakash's aunt) enjoying and being part of our Friends Get-together. That's the best part. Here I have couple of pictures from the day . Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Romantic Surprise

Recent trip to Pokhara was for an absolute 'Romantic Surprise' that one of my friend (Pabin) wanted to give his wife (Sangeeta). They got married on 22nd of January 2004 and are in full bloom of love. (See picture of these two lovebirds above). Last weekend Sangeeta was having a conference there at Fulbari Resort & Spa, Pokhara so we (Prabin and I) sneaked out on motorbike to Pokhara on a same day she left Kathmandu. I know this is no less romantic stunt than a Korean couple who, wanted to have their romantic portrait done at the top of Sarangkot hill at very moment of sunrise. (Read my previous blog regarding Korean couple).

Sangeeta had no slightest clue that her romantic hubby would ever emerge suddenly right there at the resort next to her. From the very beginning I was so curious to see how Sangeeta would react. I even planned to stay right behind Prabin to take pictures but I missed that moment due to unfavorable circumstance for pictures. She was trying to dial Prabin via her cell phone and got so surprise to find him sitting in chair next to her. Her instant reaction was, "Kasto Badmas Kam Nalaggne Manchhe" and she giggled merrily. Though I missed taking pictures, I do know how she had felt to see Prabin there and I am so happy for that.

Moment after that 'Romantic Surprise' many beautiful moments followed. Both Prabin and Sangeeta had a wonderful time together. I too enjoyed being there and taking pictures of these lovebirds. Long time ago somewhere I read, "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness". May Cupid enrich the souls and delight the hearts of all lovebirds on earth.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Thousand Words

Indeed "A picture speaks a thousand words" and sometime more than just a thousand words ever exist in human civilization. Only viewers can feel it. Being a Photo Journalist and photo fanatic my perspective always tries to go little further than normal viewers while composing picture. I think having a Photographer's eyes one can go beyond 'a thousand words'. 'Human parade' unfolds extraordinarily different way if you have a pair photographer's eye to see it. Simply, I can't express about it but I can feel it. Anyway don't bother changing your perspective on LIFE, if you don't have photographer's eyes.

Well I just want to share you a picture (above), which I've created with the help of Adobe Photo Shop 7. Digital technology has revolutionized photography world in great deal making many impossible things come true. This technology has opened many doors to creativity for creative people. Besides authenticity of a picture, it enables doing many amazing things. (Like picture above).

Let me quench your thirst to know, how I've created that picture. I planned a view of my room and fixed digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 5400) on tripod at one corner of my room. Exposure is set manually because I wanted to achieve exact warmth and sharpness in the picture I want it to be. By planting a camera on tripod at one place, now I can take any number of pictures having same view at the same angle. This way I took several pictures of myself in a different place of my room with different outfits. (By doing this I also have learnt to change dress in no time, he.. he..) After taking several shots, I uploaded all images in my PC and opened them all in a Photoshop7. Now making one base/main image I just copied each images and paste them in other new layers. I made ten layers for 10 Jiten. Selecting each layer I erased portion or image besides me, and doing this layer 1 is visible to layer 2. Using same process to all 9 layers, now I have all 9 Jiten in layer 10. To make a foolproof I have selected each layer and go in detail so that it can overlap exact place of base image. There are several tools in Photoshop you can use to manipulate images. After doing this I merged all 9 layers to the base layer and slightly change it tone and color using adjustment option. And final image is ready. Very simple.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Trip to Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wild Life Reserve

'Conflict and Conservation' is what I was assigned to photograph in my recent 9 days (26 Oct - 3 Nov, 2005) trip to Royal Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wildlife Reserve. Focus of this research trip was in finding out impact on wildlife and conservation, (especially National Parks and Wildlife Reserve) because of ongoing conflict between Maoist and the Government. Needless to say, it's a vital issue and mere 9 days was not ample time to go in depth but we did our best to reach to the roots. We were two (Reporter/Journalist Gopal Tiwari and I) in the team and we had no forecasted plan. Even we have had all necessary official documents and Press identity, we never know how things rolls up. We had to reach local communities and visit places where general people have no access. Moreover traveling outsides Kathmandu valley is a different story now. It is not easy as it used to be few years back. All these circumstances made this trip adventurous one and I got so many new experiences to cash in.

During the trip I witnessed how conflict directly and indirectly affected on Wildlife Conservation of Nepal. Nepal is rich in biodiversity and natural beauty because of its unique geographical location and variation in altitude. It has contributed remarkable to the conservation of global biodiversity. More than 19 percent of the country's landmass has been set aside for perpetual conservation purposes but it's very sad to see these treasure being destroyed because of the conflict.

Conservation activities, being cared out with people's participation, have been interrupted following the lunch of a Maoist insurgency and ensuing conflict since March 13, 1996. Maoist's destruction of physical infrastructure and growing human casualties as a result of the armed conflict, the authorities is charge of the protected areas started merging the affected guard posts and the sector offices with the respective headquarters. This precautionary step has left the field posts unattended. Similarly, the Royal Nepalese Army began reorganizing its guard posts to avoid possible destruction. The conservation staff and security personnel have abandoned the territory. Consequently, illegal hunting, collection of plants having medicinal value and deforestation have increased in some regions. On the other hand a positive gesture, the presence of the security forces and Maoist rebels in the jungle has discouraged smugglers and poachers. In addition, the Maoists have been expressing their commitment to bio-diversity conservation. However, they seem to be doing this for their own benefit and in contravention of the government laws.

This has led to an increase in the poaching of wild animals, deforestation and illegal trading in medicinal plants. The conflict has also indirectly influenced tourism and agriculture, pushing the country's economy on the brink.

Besides these findings, I have so many other memorable stories to cherish. One night during the trip we had to face one of the deadliest mosquitoes attack ever in life. Gosh! It felt like I had lost huge amount of my blood and it was so itchy. Inside Royal Chitwan National Park, while going to shoot pictures of Dhoba Post that was blown away by Maoist, we encountered with Rhino and we ran like hell. Rhino chased us more then 100 meters and thanks to an experienced local Tharu Men, who saved us. That was a 'close call' indeed. After taking rest across Reu River we approached other non-bushy route to reach the post.

On our jungle walk, we saw many wild animals, Rhesus monkey, Common langur, Sambhar, Hog deer, Chital, Wild boar, etc roaming freely and it was exciting. I even had this opportunity to stare an elusive Royal Bengal tiger by just half foot away, which was kept in an enclosure at the Kasara Headquarter. A short walk (1km.) from Kasara there is Gharial Breeding Center, Which is also home to the Mugger crocodile and a number of turtles. Visit to the Gharial breeding center with Cheese Kumar dai (a Game-scout) was very informative. We even made fun and laughed regarding his name 'Cheese'. Finding fresh tiger footmarks deep in the forest was scary but I didn't admit about it. Ha..ha.

Strolling through countless Tharu villages was a beautiful experience. Their living style and religious/cultural sure has so many ethical values to preserve. Tharu are the main indigenous ethnic group in Chitwan. They are well known for their resistance to malaria. Traditionally they are farmers and practice their own unique tribal religion. One thing I didn't like about Tharu Men is that they drink locally made wine (Rakshi) often and a lot.

We had hard time finding meals and once we had to sustain a whole day on 2 boiled eggs. All these experience taught me to be better prepared and what stuffs should I be equipped with while going on such trips. Needless to tell that traveling is the best way to learn many things. Still there are so many knowledge that I have gained about my Nepal, my Culture, my Village and lot more. I will be more than just happy to share whatever knowledge I gained wherever I go via this blogging. And yes of course will be uploading many pictures from this memorable trip there in my online photo album.

In the end let me say, small though it may be in size, Nepal nevertheless possesses a natural affluence that is truly spectacular. From the flatlands of the Terai in the south to the magnificent snow capped Himalayas in the north, the Kingdom harbors an amazing variety of flora and fauna, forming ecosystems that are remarkable, and some that are unique to this land. Lets not loose our hope to preserve it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paddling to Nagarkot Early

Quiet road uphill was foggy and just lit by the fog-light. It was a cold morning and fog seems trying to test my endurance. This gave funny tickles inside me and it has no idea how tough I am to brave such cold. More importantly what I had in my mind was, to reach to the top before dawn breaks so that I can watch and enjoy the Sunrise to full. It's been months I haven't watch Sunrise so I was little desperate. I have this resolution to watch Sunrise at least twice a year. This time it took me more time to reach to the top hill than previous record of 1 hrs 25 mins. May be it's because I haven't been to long route cycling lately.

After two short rests, I reached to the top at 6:05 a.m. and the timing was perfect for the dawn. I sat there beside my cycle munching 'Snicker chocolate' with water and fixing my eyes on the horizon above beautiful villages draped by the blanket of fog. It was beautiful and a romantic moment indeed. Of course, I thought of Neema (my Sunshine) and wished she were there with me. Some local and foreign tourists were already there before I reached.

Enjoying half an hour of beautiful Sunrise I started to go downhill to Bhaktapur. Riding cycle downhill is pretty exciting and it almost makes you forget all the burns that it takes to paddle to the top. I don't have a speed meter but I assume I can reach up 35 to 40 Km/hr in speed. It took me 25 minutes reach down to Kharipati (base camp for cadet training center). Though I've been cycling for many years now, to go anywhere, recently I've started to take Mountain Biking seriously. Who knows I may maneuver this passion of mine to great height and win some 'Mountain Bike Race' here in Nepal. Not a bad idea. Ha.. ha Besides, cycling is fun and it helps me to keep my physical health fit. Like other adventurous sports, downhill cycling is also very adrenaline. Cycle sometime if you can.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Know Thyself First

Yesterday evening while I was flipping TV channels and I got switched to Image Channel (Nepali TV Channel) which was broadcasting Pooja Gurung's program 'Katha Kathmandu' (Story of Kathmandu). She was saying that, "We Kathmanduties know which bar in Thamel (Famous tourist hub in Kathmandu) serve the best cocktails, and at which nook we can delicious Italian Pizzas, and what Maya Pub famous for but are shamelessly clueless about many landmark of Thamel that have very historic significances of Nepal." I agree that we know so much about other country and people around the globe but not NEPAL. TV program's theme 'Know yourself and your place before you visit others and their places' struck me immensely.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

God is One

Well I am no believer in any religion. For me there is only one God in the whole world. I do worship that one God and my God is your Soul, people's soul. I worship my God by making you happy. When I am able to do good to you, your soul blesses me. Your Happiness is my blessing and that's the joy of life. I go to temples, shrine or monasteries not to please any particular God nor I expect any blessing but to understand people's faith in God. I do respect people's Faith, which they keep in their soul. That's why I don't know whether those God of the monasteries are happy with me or not but I do know that My God (Your Soul) blessed me a lot. 5Apr04

The Challenge and Commitment to Save Himalayan Rivers

This year festival was celebrated with a theme: 'The Challenge and Commitment to Save Himalayan Rivers'. NRCT aims to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal's rivers through various conservation, awareness and true understanding of this fragile environment. It organizes such river festival annually and raises awareness among all river users about the need for river conservation and to promote rafting as an adventurous sport.

The festival was packed with lots of excitements and thrills. And you know it was my first experience of Rafting and Canyoing ever. First day of the festival we started our trip at 7:30 morning from Thamel and headed toward Bhotekoshi, Bahrabise by bus. It took us nearly 3 hrs to reach lower Bhotekoshi, Bahrabise where local school students welcomed 'us' (participants of festival). After a brief introduction of the feast we started to raft, which was called 'Friendship Float' on the Bhotekoshi. We had lunch on the way down stream. There were less river rapids in Lower Bhotekoshi so it was not fast rafting. While rafting down stream we got to see daily life of village people, their dwellings and how they live with rivers. As a media person I see many issues have to be raised to aware these local people about river conservation and how they can benefit from this mighty Bhotekoshi. By 4:30 pm we ended our first day rafting and came back to Borderland Resort located at Sindhupalanchok by bus. Enjoyed cool evening with many new friends. I even cracked tons of jokes and kept them laughing all the time. You know one lady from Spain called Mareiam is a very nice and sweet person.

Second day at 9 am after eating breakfast, we all went for canyoing. An hour bus rides from the resort and we crossed Bhotekoshi on raft and climbed cliff for an hour. We have to wear special sport gear, which has secure rope clamps and belts. Before descending guides gave us full instruction on how to hold ropes and when to release. They take every precaution for our safety. Guess what was the final instruction. Quit doing it if you are not prepared to do it fully. I didn't quit and was able to enjoy this lifetime thrill. I just can't express the excitement it has descending 80 to 85 meters down waterfall. Simply can't express in words the adrenaline it gives. At first I hesitated a bit and now doing first successful attempt I look forward doing it again.

At the end of the day, all my energy was drenched but we had a very revitalizing evening. There was a slide show and workshop on River conservation, followed by delicious dinner. After dinner we sang Nepali songs, danced and had lots of fun.

Next morning, we start our day with breakfast and interaction among participants. At 8:30 am we started rafting again to this upper Bhotekoshi River, which flows just few steps away from the resort. It was the most thrilling rafting which consist uncountable rapids. During this day's rafting almost all rafts (there were 5 rafts, 7 person in each) got struck and we were rescueed by other rafts along. At one rapid we all have to swim out from those strong water current to shore to pull our raft which was nearly overturn by river rapid. God! That was the most adventurous experience of rafting for me. One funny memory to share, you know I lost one of slipper while getting out of the river current. Bhotekoshi carried it away. I think my slipper must be missing me a lot. Well I have a very memorable trip. By the way, have you ever been to rafting? If Not try once. I bet you gonna love it.

Besides, I got to learn so much from this trip. NRCT has its own code of conduct for rafting in Nepal, which are very good and help any guest to be an ambassador of sound environment practices. Within Resort there are rules, which are environment friendly. During the trip slept in tent, use iodized water instead bottle mineral water, we kept the campsite clean by putting litter in dokos, we walked bare foot (it feels so good), every thing was self service, we even cleaned our plate ourselves and much more. I also like the shower room which has open sky roof just surrounded by bamboo woven walls. Wow! What a unique style to have a shower. I wish I could build one like such back here in Kathmandu.

Positive Vengeance

To have positive vengeance is good in life. It helps you to get evolve. Learn to forgive people who mistreat you but never ever FORGET. I do the same and stay aware. Once you learn to forgive it is not a big deal to stay calm. 1Dec03

Peels of Joy

It's pretty normal to feel vague at times in life and it's up to you whether to stay vague for long or get occupied to new goal. So, have new goals ahead and go for it. And yes keep yourself cheered and 'get involve'. There are so many simple things you can do around and make peels of joy not just to yourself but other too. 23Jan04

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

M excited

Hi there, Just excited to start my online diary. This idea got pricked when my friend Pradeep shared me his blogger’s url and I find it very interesting. Let see how things get roll.

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