Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Assignment Ason

Ason is the most famous marketplace of Kathmandu and it is perfect location for photo assignment. This morning (23 August 2010) I went there with my participants of SCC Basic Photography Workshop and these are some of my capture.

Colorful Traditional shop in Ason chok, Kathmandu where you can buy all kind of offering for God.

Fresh vegetables waits its customers near Ason Chok.

A women wearing vivid color rush for home after selling vegetables in Ason. Nepal is know for colorful ethnic clothes like these and everyday story of her makes Ason a place of everyday carnival.

Lentil time of the year to boost your protein intake. Lentil packed with nine kind of grains on display.

Shambu Chaudary giving me re-pose infront of his fish shop banner at Ason and I promised him to make one print of it.

Ason hums nonstop with a pleasant disorder of shopper and colorful festivities accessories like these for upcoming Gai Jatra, give more vibrancy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birjung Grooming on Photojournalism

Media Training Centre/NEFEJ is conducting a week long training/workshop on photojournalism in Birgunj. There are 14 local journalists/reporters from various local papers who are also working for National Dailies published from Kathmandu. Min Ratna Bajracharya, photojournalist and Chairman of National Forum of Photojournalist (NFPJ) and Jitendra Raj Bajracharya are its trainers.

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