Thursday, November 10, 2011

Season of Marigold: Tihar Festival

A little girl help her mother to make garland of Marigold near Kasthamandap, Kathmandu on Laxmi Puja. Marigold is an auspicious flower for Diwali festival.
Flower vendor making garland of marigold at Ason, Kathmandu. There is a huge demand of Marigold flower during Festival like Tihar.
A flower vendor selling bundle of garland at Ason, Kathmandu.
Vendors in their stall at Ason, making garland of Marigold flower which is in big demand for Laxmi puja during Tihar festival.
People retruning back home on bike after buying bundle of Marigold flower. People decorated their homes, shops and offices by marigold flower, which is considered an auspicious flower for Diwali festival.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Quest for Street Photography at SCC

Quest for 'Street Photography'is a venture School of Creative Communications (SCC) explores along with 18 participants of Photography Workshop Batch XVIII that concludes today (November 1, 2011). Motive behind this venture is to help workshop participants to gain confidence and first-hand knowledge on pursuing street photography. These are some pictures I was able to capture during the workshop XVIII, while I help them take better street photos.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Culture and People

Reflecting the Past: I am not sure what this old man has in mind while I photographed him this morning at Ason but I am sure the lifestyle he enjoy is fast changing.

Different parade of life and culture. Harmony we keep is what makes us unique and allow us to feel proud of being Nepali.

An elderly women feed pigeons at Seto Machindranath Temple near Ason, Kathmandu. Going temple morning and feeding pigeon is a daily chore for many elderly people like this women.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Into nothingness

This woman I met Last year (22nd March 2010) at Patan Darbar Square, who is resting in the course of a walk undertaken on an apparent errand and taking time off to draw on a cigarette too. Looked into it from the perspective of the slogan of building a “New Nepal” — a catch phrase now — there does not seem to be anything that interests her.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Graffiti For Saraswati

Devotees including Children amuses themselves in writing wall of Saraswait Temple in kathmandu while celebrating Shreepanchami festival February 8, 2011. Especially children are given their first writing and reading lessons at the Goddess Saraswati temple in the belief that the goddess of education Saraswati will help them excel in education

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot Cake of Maghe Sangranti

Various kind of yam being sold at Ason Chok on Thursday morning, Kathmandu. Intake of Yam is must during Maghe Sankranti. Maghe Sankrati is observed at the beginning of the holy month of Magh. It is customary to take holy dips at river confluence, perform worship at various shrines and take yam and 'chaku' as special food items on this occasion.

The belief goes that eating such items as ghee and Chaku, sesame seed candy, vegetables and yam, and giving them away in charity on this day after taking a holy dip helps one become healthier.

Hindus in Nepal, India and Sikkim also observe this day as 'Makar Sankranti' as it marks the sun's journey Northwards.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rudra: Tea Maker of Ason

The tower clock across the block has just hit 3:30 in the dead of night, and the denizens of city are cuddled up in their warm beds. But not Rudra. His day begins just before the crack of dawn. He is getting ready to start serving the piping hot cup of tea from 4 am.

Rudra, who is Mailadai to many, is following this schedule since the past 11 years. His tea stall, which is adjacent to Annapurna Ajima Temple at Ason Chowk, is a hallmark of quality cup of tea.

Needless to say his tea stall is literally swarmed by customers, with nearly all of them being well to do shop owners and traders of Ason. Maiya, his wife, can be seen delivering orders near and far.

The fare comprises black tea, lemon tea, masala tea and of course the usual milk tea. But one thing about the tea he serves is that it has the distinct taste. The fact that Rudra attracts customers from as far as Kavre and Banepa only substantiates the fact that he adds definite value to the commodity.

No wonder that the small stall is doing a roaring business at 1000 cups a day, with record being 1300 on his day. What is central to his tea stall is anyone who comes once makes it a point to return some day. Many are said to be starting their day saying, “ I will have tea at Rudra’s”.

His story goes back to many “ups” and “downs” of life before he decided to carve out his place on Ason street corner, literally. “Coincidentally, a certain Sita Didi had lent him Rs.1000 when he talked of setting up tea stall. Today he owns a good plot of land at Bhakatapur out of earning he made from his tea stall.

The beginning was unimpressive with only few customers coming his way. But he has taken big strides by the next 20 days. He says that the sale was “geometric”, whatever that means. He has not looked back ever since and lives with his wife, and a son.

His next job was at Putali Sadak and fetched him Rs.60 per month for the next four years. Rudra was wedded to Maiya while still minors, he, 12, and, she 9. Birat, their son, came 9 years hence. Now he is 17 and certainly at the climacteric phase of his life. One doubts the couple knows about it.

Someone who hails from Kavre, Rudra has only attended adult literacy classes. His wife too never went to school. But here is a punch to the tale: Rudra had come on to Kathmandu at the age of 6. He started as a dishwasher at his uncle’s tea stall at Bansbari. He has left the place after he was beaten up for “no reason” at all by his cousin.

This family of three is living happily today. Thanks to the consistent struggle of this couple, who can be a big answer to many who dream of migrating abroad for better life.

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