Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Thousand Words

Indeed "A picture speaks a thousand words" and sometime more than just a thousand words ever exist in human civilization. Only viewers can feel it. Being a Photo Journalist and photo fanatic my perspective always tries to go little further than normal viewers while composing picture. I think having a Photographer's eyes one can go beyond 'a thousand words'. 'Human parade' unfolds extraordinarily different way if you have a pair photographer's eye to see it. Simply, I can't express about it but I can feel it. Anyway don't bother changing your perspective on LIFE, if you don't have photographer's eyes.

Well I just want to share you a picture (above), which I've created with the help of Adobe Photo Shop 7. Digital technology has revolutionized photography world in great deal making many impossible things come true. This technology has opened many doors to creativity for creative people. Besides authenticity of a picture, it enables doing many amazing things. (Like picture above).

Let me quench your thirst to know, how I've created that picture. I planned a view of my room and fixed digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 5400) on tripod at one corner of my room. Exposure is set manually because I wanted to achieve exact warmth and sharpness in the picture I want it to be. By planting a camera on tripod at one place, now I can take any number of pictures having same view at the same angle. This way I took several pictures of myself in a different place of my room with different outfits. (By doing this I also have learnt to change dress in no time, he.. he..) After taking several shots, I uploaded all images in my PC and opened them all in a Photoshop7. Now making one base/main image I just copied each images and paste them in other new layers. I made ten layers for 10 Jiten. Selecting each layer I erased portion or image besides me, and doing this layer 1 is visible to layer 2. Using same process to all 9 layers, now I have all 9 Jiten in layer 10. To make a foolproof I have selected each layer and go in detail so that it can overlap exact place of base image. There are several tools in Photoshop you can use to manipulate images. After doing this I merged all 9 layers to the base layer and slightly change it tone and color using adjustment option. And final image is ready. Very simple.

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Anonymous said...

Jiten dai, you are great. I was as much surprised as before when I saw this new photograph. Yes, I now realize that photographers are genius.


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