Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Romantic Surprise

Recent trip to Pokhara was for an absolute 'Romantic Surprise' that one of my friend (Pabin) wanted to give his wife (Sangeeta). They got married on 22nd of January 2004 and are in full bloom of love. (See picture of these two lovebirds above). Last weekend Sangeeta was having a conference there at Fulbari Resort & Spa, Pokhara so we (Prabin and I) sneaked out on motorbike to Pokhara on a same day she left Kathmandu. I know this is no less romantic stunt than a Korean couple who, wanted to have their romantic portrait done at the top of Sarangkot hill at very moment of sunrise. (Read my previous blog regarding Korean couple).

Sangeeta had no slightest clue that her romantic hubby would ever emerge suddenly right there at the resort next to her. From the very beginning I was so curious to see how Sangeeta would react. I even planned to stay right behind Prabin to take pictures but I missed that moment due to unfavorable circumstance for pictures. She was trying to dial Prabin via her cell phone and got so surprise to find him sitting in chair next to her. Her instant reaction was, "Kasto Badmas Kam Nalaggne Manchhe" and she giggled merrily. Though I missed taking pictures, I do know how she had felt to see Prabin there and I am so happy for that.

Moment after that 'Romantic Surprise' many beautiful moments followed. Both Prabin and Sangeeta had a wonderful time together. I too enjoyed being there and taking pictures of these lovebirds. Long time ago somewhere I read, "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness". May Cupid enrich the souls and delight the hearts of all lovebirds on earth.


Anonymous said...

WOW ! I can not express the feeling of sangeeta but imagine that prabin might have felt like a Romeo after beeing success to giving her a surprise. I am being Jelous that how much you guys are enjoying there.....any way I would like to see all of you guys happy and diving in the love without caring this damn society....ani what is your plan jitu cha ??

Anonymous said...

well, i was really suprised when i see both of u there in pulbari resort, actually was wordless at that moment.......and was thinkin i was blessed to have such a lovin husband and a supportive fren indeed.

Jitu'cha said...

Dear Sangeeta,
People overlooked many simple things within our effort to surprise people and bring cascade of happiness in their life. And doing those simple things is one way how I define my life. It's true, money can't buy those happiness, only your willing heart can.
Jiten, just a simple soul.

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