Monday, February 27, 2006

Incident That Moved Me

I often recall this particular incident that took place a year ago when I was coming back to Kathmandu from Bhaktapur in a local bus after paying visit to one of my friend. I don't use public transportation to go to places since I have a cycle and whenever I need to, I take it as an opportunity to watch people from different walks of life. But I know many won't take it that way and using public buses for daily purposes is not a pleasant experience here in Kathmandu. Mostly female passengers, who go through many awful experiences while using public buses. On that day the bus was packed with noisy hip-hop youngsters but luckily I got the seat. It looked like they were returning home after picnicking or might be some sort of gala time. Some of them were excessively boozed and so loud, which made the atmosphere inside the bus quite unfriendly. When the bus was about to move an elderly woman carrying an infant hopped in hurriedly and seeing this woman I thought, 'Oh God! She got the wrong bus'. For a moment I felt pity for her but instantly I made up my mind to leave my seat for her to sit. But before this woman reach near me one among those noisy youngsters stood up and let her sit at his seat. Good heaven! I couldn't believe my eyes for few moments because I didn't expect that those youngsters would be ever show such generosity to that woman. I was so happy inside and at the same time I felt little pang of guilt for underestimating those hip-hop youngsters. Incident like this move me a lot and I feel so good that still this earth don't lack men who respect women.

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