Friday, February 10, 2006

Days Slip By

No matter how mastery I think I am in 'time management' sometime somehow I still find list of undone things before I retire my day. I guess this is a similar story of many working people like me. I know 80 percent of our jobs depend on dealing with other person or people, so chances of undone jobs are always there. I tell you what, chasing days is such an uneasy state of bewilderment in life. Lately that's exactly how I've been through. It's like days governing me and I just let flow myself where it takes. Besides, my outgoing nature which allow me get involve in various activities at a time is also a reason why I tangle up in such situation often. I held myself responsible for this state. I know everyone lives a day consist of 24 hours. Not one second more or less. So instead of grumbling I must learn to live my day within 24 hours

Previous two weeks, I have devoted huge chunk my days for wedding photography. This season I have shot 4 weddings so far. Wedding photography is both respectable and tiresome job and needless to say, I do it for my friends and families because it's very special moment of their life. Shooting wedding ceremonies consume lots of time not because wedding procedures are long but because we Nepalis value our time poorly. In contrary we, Nepalis are so concern about 'Lagan' (the auspicious time) predicted by astrologer priest to perform those ritual of wedding ceremonies in perfect time but most of the time we just miss it. And still no one shows remorse about it. Common phrase 'Nepali Time' is an easy excuse people pull with much ease but I simply can't let it go that way because it not just spoil our worthy time and also disgrace our potentiality.

During those weddings I had restless days. I even had to skip my regular meals at home and sustain on those oily and spicy foods of wedding parties. I've jeopardized my health due to those foods and my unrest routine. I was in poor health and had a violent cough caused by dust allegoric and be under medication for few days. I agree that to some extend I also am bit more careless about my health, which I must not do. Anyway now I am back to my good health.

Back home political stunts, royal circuses, municipal election are some high and low dramas that have dominated all domain of Nepal. It is so agonizing to see Nepal's portrayal in the international media as a country that's spinning out of control. I don't want to write any of those misfortunes here in my blog at least. Instead let me share some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

good to hear that you are being engaged on others happiness.. Great poet Lekh nath Paoudel has said that " khojchan sabai sukha bhani sukha tyo ka ha cha ? Aafu metai aaru lai dinu jaha cha".

So you are sharing happiness with other people even having enermous problems with you.. GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS. keep it up.

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