Monday, June 19, 2006

Walking an Extra Mile

I wonder how many of you believe in 'Walking an Extra Mile'. I do all the time. My personal experiences in 'walking an extra mile' have convinced me that it could be a best tool one can use to build distinctive stroke in the society like a Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh has in his work of art. (See the painting above). An extra mile he walked in each painting he creates enabled him to build this distinctive brush stroke. Like Vincent Van Gogh, there are many people who have achieved great heights walking an extra mile.

What exactly I mean by 'Walking an Extra Mile"?
It's all about putting little extra effort in things you do for better. Just take a look at the picture left, which I think is one good example of 'walking an extra mile'. The sole purpose of food on the plate is to fill our appetite, then why the chef took all those pains in the neck decorating it? Simply because we love it and it makes us feels good when people put little extra effort to make things special for us. Even above food on plate is just a digital picture in screen, yet you can't help but praise the effort the chef has done to make it appealingly delicious.

Walking an extra mile always counts. Most of the time it takes your 'will' then 'wealth' to walk an extra mile. Just give little more attention and put little more effort to make things special. It could be anything. Whether it's in wrapping a gift, doing your job, arranging flower bouquet or just anything. Give it your personal touch and make it speical. And response you get gonna be overwhelming. I still remember how my hand made cards and painting find ways to my friend's heart in those school days. The joys still ripple inside me. I have many recollections of such joy of walking an extra mile in doing things. It's good to walk an extra mile and be different. Not always those efforts you do to walk an extra mile pays you right away but in the long run it helps you establish a unique impression of yourself, which I assume is the real ornament you can wear to beautify your personality.

We walk for life, we have to walk for life and we can walk for life then why not go "Walking an Extra Mile" to create a distinctive stroke in the society and make people happy, genuinely HAPPY.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with ur view "Walking an extra mile always counts" Yes, ur very true, adding a little effort can change one's life, style, view, thoughts and even perception.
The key to the one's success was going the extra miles. What's important is that you add the steps to your normal daily activities - either in one long stretch or at different parts of the day. But the theme is that ‘doubling those steps can have a big impact in achieving success in life’.
This will make a contribution to building consistency for sustaining in the long run.
I hope after going through this article of urs, ppl won’t step back to take an extra mile in any aspect of their life phase .


Jitu'cha said...

Well said, one can walk 'an extra mile' in each step of a journey or just part of a day. And outcome is obviously better and happy. There are many unnoticed small things we can do to bring happiness in our lives and I want people not to miss in seeing these small things while they pursue their distant dreams.

Keep walking and be careful hai while you double those steps coz these days you need to be more careful than us. I really don’t' want my blog to get blame if something happen to you.

Note for other readers: Sangeeta is EXPECTING. ;)

IESE MBA 2007 said...

Jiten chaa,
You are my hero. You walk that extra mile. You do so many things and still you are full of energy all the time, except when introducing your girlfriend to others. :) ki kaso?
I just realized that Sangita Bhattarai is in London too, and just sent her an email. Would be nice to meet her again.


Jitu'cha said...

;) Hero Jiten and very unlike of what he should be in flaunting his beautiful Girlfriend. Ha. ha. Actually there is a secret reason behind… and you know he feels pretty unsafe doing so before he ties a nuptial knot. Having a "Beautiful Girlfriend" is a tough job coz you have to be alert all the time. Ha ha ha ha.

Thank you Pradeep for the comment.

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