Monday, December 04, 2006

Picnic at Lkharui Bhanjayang

Word 'Picnic' always cheers me and in my school days friends used to label me as an expert in organizing picnics. I can't tell exactly why I was so fond of organizing such events in those days but I believe I do have a knack for making merry time. Needless to tell, I have treasured so many beautiful memories of those countless picnics I have organized in the past. Still I do remember vividly how I have bugged my litle head supervising everything and walked extra miles to make those events success. Though it's funny that, how friends used to be anxious about what dress to wear for picnic tomorrow and put lot effort to groom themselves but to contrary I used to worry not to forget stove pin or ghee for pulau and so on. Recalling those days, now I feel, I really was different character on the landscape. Anyway, good days are gone for good.

Last Saturday it was another picnic to Lkharui Bhanjyang. And this time it's not me but my hometown buddies who have arranged this picnic as a reunion party of old buddies. I assume it's been more than ten years gap in between the last time we went for picnic, so this picnic itself was quite an opportunity for all of us to meet old times buddies.

Lkharui Bhanjayang is a perfect spot for picnicking. It lies perched atop the pristine hill of Pokhari Thumko (18km from Kathmandu). Located at an altitude of 2000 m, approximately, this is another vantage point commanding panoramic views of the snowy mountain peaks. View of wide spectrum of the Himalayan range and the broad expanse of the Kathmandu valley from Lakhuri Bhanjayang is breathtaking. The northern horizon is an ideal location to watch spectacular views of sunset and sunrise. And we all enjoyed to full picnicking at this beautiful place.

Let me share some pictures.
Group picture for ever lasting FRIENDSHIP.
Making fun time with local children, who were so curious to see their instant pictures in my digital camera. I had wonderful time being with them and taking lots of their pictures. You can surf my photo blog to see more pictures of them. Click here
Lkharui Dance: Music and dance I think are very part of Nepali way of picnicking and how could we miss enjoying such joyful activities. And do I need to equip more words to explain euphoric we have had.

Subash, Shyam and their beer laugh.
Cooking time: Guys peeling onions and cleaning tomatoes. Don’t ignore beer bottle near them.Nice shot Jitu cha: Guess what these three ladies in the picture were not supposed to be in the frame, but they just walked in while I was composing and I didn’t want to miss clicking such a decisive moment.With Sujan, Ajay and Mahesh. Bidding farewell to Lkharui Bhanjayang.


Anonymous said...

Hi J10,

Nice to read your blog. may be i am miss this picnic but all the guys are reunion i am so happy. Lets cross our finger and hope our old buddies are come to close together.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jiten

Glad to read your picnic experience. I am mostly delighted to see that you enjoyed each and every single moments there (I can feel it thought I was not around). Good shot of those three girls.

Have fun.
Surya di

srijanablog said...

Jiten dai,
So nice to see you back with your smile. It was what I wanted to see. Aba naharaaunu hai!!!


Jitu'cha said...

Dear Anonymous, Surya di and Sis Srijana,

Thank you so much for your comments and care. It means lot to me. And turst me Sis, ma haraaudina no matter how things get tough in life.

Jitu cha.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful.I wish I could join your Picnics.THanks for all the lessons and the encouragements.Please inform me where will you be during the Guru Puja.... I will be glad to take you on a mountain bike trip.Thanks.

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