Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pink Panther Party

It's Vicky and Janet who colored us in pink by throwing a party in their apartment at Lazimpat having a theme 'Pink Panther Party'. Invitation came to me as a surprise and theme of the party made me go and yeah I had tons of fun putting pink paper hat to chime the theme and danced in full energy.

As we draped ourselves in pink Sal and paper pink cap, we grooved into beautifully decorated small apartment which was packed of people from different countries and different profession. We even blew pink balloons to put extra pink before we joined the party.

In general 'Pink' represent feminine and also color of gala vibe but the party proved 'Pink' much more than that. It was a nice evening and I including Smriti, Raman, Rabi and Sunil from Nodan Club had a great time. Many thanks to Vicky and Janet for such a wonderful evening.

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