Sunday, April 01, 2012

Butter lamps for Seto Machindranath

The Seto (white) Machindranath, resides at Ason, Kathmandu 31 March 2012. Hindu and Buddist devotees from the ethnic Newar community offering butter lamps to Seto Machindranath.
Every year Seto Machindranath Rath Jatra on Chaitra Sukla Aastami Machindranath is carried up to Jamal Tindhara in the small chariot to put in the big chariot which is then pulled around core city of Kathmandu like Ason, Hanumandhoka, Jaisideval ,Lagan. The first day chariot is pulled up to Ason , in next day up to HamumanDhoka and in third day it will reach Lagan where it is pulled around the tree(Maa Seema) and the temple of mother of Seto Machindranath then after one two days Seto Machindranata is carried back to its temple at Jana Bahal in small Chariot. The Jatra continue till Purinima.

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