Monday, January 08, 2007

Portraits of An Angel

“Beauty is an attribute of children” wrote poet philosopher ‘Friedrich Holderlin. And indeed Children inspire a great many artist, poet, painter and this Jitu'cha is no exception. I always have fun being with children and be children.

Here I would like to celebrate this loveliest portraits of three and half years old Palisha Lama who visited my office as if an Angel (of course, Angel without wings) from Heaven above and chased away my lonesome feeling. It was one such beautiful moment that I knew by heart: why does God put the best of our life right at the beginnings.

Story behind these pictures:
I always consider that if you have a willing heart to believe good things in life they sure will come to you. And these portraits are one of such good thing in my life. It was a normal day and there came this sweet little angelic face Palisha to my office bringing so much joy and smiles.

Palisha is niece of my office collogue and is in nursery class. She is very witty and she revealed me her secret recipe, how she keeps her two fufus (Auntie) happy and enjoy receiving lots of toffees from them. I asked her how and she said, "Very easy, just tell sano fufu that she doesn’t like thulo fufu and go to thulo fufu and tell her, she doesn’t like sano fufu. She even boasted me that she has a live Zebra at her home. Ice-cream is her favorite food and she loves to dance when on one is seeing her. She loves pictures of sheep and was asking me to show pictures of sheep in my PC.

Children are cute, naughty, irritable, joyous, envious, sneaky, flighty, and timid, quick to laugh and cry, extreme in expressing joy and sorrow, especially about trifles. They'll do anything that pleases them. And Palisha delighted me by making all these wide range of funny expression within fifteen minutes. Yes within 15 minutes. I had a wonderful time with her. I know that every child has this power to delight you anytime. And sometime they can make you want to start life all over again. It's true.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god she is soooooooooo cute. No one can stop praising looking at her.
Her expression really touches everyone’s heart . She is really very sweet n smart enough.
Yes Jitucha uncle ur right, baby’s can really add a beauty in one’s life despite of their naughty, sneaky and irritable characteristic.
A single smile of babies will dramatically change our approach to lead life for the better.
Children’s are such an angle that can strengthen one’s relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts, spread love and heal pain. Revolutionary, yet simple, children offers you the most effective tools to reduce violence and create peace in one’s life.
They really r the fairy’s n angles.
No wonder, Palisha has delighted you within fifteen minutes.


Anonymous said...

This really touches my heart. Children are special gifts God give us in our life. They are simple but has true colors of joy. Looking these pictures and reading your feelings I started to think deeply why parents give away their children for adoption. Just few days back I was in field and encountered one incident that one parents want to give away their wonderful two children (son and daughter) to donors just thinking that they would better care them than the parents. Since that moment my mind was hanging around the feelings of people. Really human being are unpredictable or say full of mystery.

How one can give away these gifts to someone who is not known but just with the belief that they can better take care. Or let's see the other part of the story - What are those circumstaces that compell the parents (mother and father) to give away their children.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your feelings and your 15 minutes with Palisha also imprinted in my mind and heart. Give my love to her when you she her again.


Anonymous said...

so sweeeeeeeeeeet, kati ramro expression, ramailo lagyo photo herera. She is an Angel.

IESE MBA 2007 said...

I have no words to describe how cute the photos are! You captured great moments of Palisha! What a combination of an excellent photographer and a subject! I think she will be a good actress later on!


Anonymous said...

an angel Palisha with handsome Jitucha!

Guess who?

Unknown said...

very cute photos.

srijanablog said...

Jiten dai, hajur kata gayab pheri!!!

Jitu'cha said...

Thank you Sangeeta/Prabin and Chori Shrivalli for your regular comments. It means lot to me.

And dear Surya di thank you for sharing your inner most feelings and views, which I think is something we must ponder in our hearts. And I agree, Human being really are unpredictable and full of mystery..

I sure will share a big bar of Cadbury to this Palisha when I meet her next time for you.

Thank you my dear Chyantu (Sangita), So happy to see your first comment here in my blog world. You know it would be a lie if I say, 'I didn't miss your comment here in my blog ever since I've started to blog'. Hope to see your more comment dear. Now onward don't be just silent readers hai ta.

And thank you Pradeep for all your encouragement and concern that you have for me. I just can't thank you enough. It's YOU who inspire me to start this wonderful journey of Blogging. Thank you so much. And dearest sis, Srijana you are always dear to me and even a thought of you make me smile. I feel blessed to have a sis like you. And trust me I will never let this blog go numb in any cost. It's just matter of a little while and you know this time am going Chitwan for a training. Will update you then.

Thank you Urmilla for your comment. You gatta drop me a mail quick. I like to know how life's been. Yeah I am curious.

And thank you, Anonymous 'cha for your sweet comment. Well I really am very poor in this guessing game but.. guess what? I know who you are. And I tell you what, you too are not less cute than this angelic face Palisha ;)

Raj said...

Nice poitrate ....

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