Monday, July 23, 2007

... and My Eyes Got Wet.

It was a weary day
Dreams drained,
life seems so bane.
Lonesome dusk;
An stranger asked,
* How was your day?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was no jolly me
Broken, lost and lonely
struggling to breathe.
Suffocated heartbeats;
A SMILE greets,
* How are you?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a cyber world
Eyes tired,
I became so lull.
Monotonous life;
An email inquired,
* Are you taking care of yourself?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a photo assignment
Moments captured,
drifted memories.
Dear old stories;
A guest offered,
* Do you want a glass of water?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a lonely trip
Trails trodden,
crumbled destinations.
Melancholy walk;
A milky way above assisted,
* Are you lost?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a selfish world
Heart numbed,
busy people.
Wounded feeling,
A loving sis from Korea cared,
* Do you need my hug?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was her birthday
Gifts and chocolates dumped,
wishes were frown.
All faked love;
A small boy phoned,
* Do you want to watch Art-attack show?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a fleeting moment
Life's faded colors,
saturated pictures.
Wrong composition;
An innocent buddy expects my unborn baby,
* When is your big day?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a dull dawn
Crushed sentiments,
Rain, thunder and storm.
Abandoned soul;
A stereo echoed a song
* "You are not alone"
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a Christmas Eve
Festive mood fouled,
False promises.
Church pitch dark,
A little sweet girl approached,
* Do you want to light one candle?
... and my eyes got wet.

It was a days-out camp
Faraway land,
peaceful night.
Mother Nature incarnates;
A shooting star sailed,
* Do you want to make a wish?
... and my eyes got wet.

Wet eyes, all tears,
Flood away my dark days
Bringing me sunshine
That never leaves me in the cold.


Juggy said...

The chilly night,
with twinkling stars
and a crescent moon!
Cold breeze passed by
touching my heart
and I asked,
"Do I feel the same??"
... and my eyes got wet..


Nice feelings on your words I can depict!! Keep writing!! :)

Jitu'cha said...

Thank You! Juggy for your a pat on my back. It counts indeed.

Anonymous said...

A jolly Jiten
helpful n kind hearted
A nice person
love to poet n photography.
I wonder
How nicely he has expressed his feeling.
........and I stayed spellbound.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this was so bittersweet. You are definitely gifted at written word.

A said...

excellent choice of words and flow.

wish I had some skills to write like yours.

binju said...

broken heart,
exhausted brain,
weeping eyes,
and what else....?
life still goes on...
last stanza of this poem
embrace theme of Hope.
nicely jotted poem.

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