Sunday, October 23, 2005

God is One

Well I am no believer in any religion. For me there is only one God in the whole world. I do worship that one God and my God is your Soul, people's soul. I worship my God by making you happy. When I am able to do good to you, your soul blesses me. Your Happiness is my blessing and that's the joy of life. I go to temples, shrine or monasteries not to please any particular God nor I expect any blessing but to understand people's faith in God. I do respect people's Faith, which they keep in their soul. That's why I don't know whether those God of the monasteries are happy with me or not but I do know that My God (Your Soul) blessed me a lot. 5Apr04

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srijanablog said...

Jiten dai, It's great to know that you have also started blogging. Now I will know many interesting things going on with you. Keep it up.
By the way if you enable the word verification options in your settings you can prevent junk comments in future.

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