Monday, March 13, 2006

Deepa Got Engaged With Shital

It was a rare excitement to make a beeline for Deepa's Engagement ceremony right after my 6 days trip to Dang, Butwal, Nepalgunj and Kailali. For a moment I had to wrestle hard between Photo Journalist Jiten and a Friend Jiten, to be there and I tell you, switching 'a whole me' to the engagement ceremony from those terror experiences of Maoist affected areas made me feel so strange. Ah! It was not less adrenaline than a riding a roller coaster. Due to this trip, I was worried for not being able to be there on such a special day of Deepa but now I am happy to attend even the ceremony was at tail end. I guess my unexpected presence must have put little extra smiles on her face that day.

I don't know how it feels to be 'ENGAGED' but it was so nice to see Deepa brimming with delight. I am happy for that and thank the Almighty, though I missed clicking tons of pictures. Anyway, Prabhat (one of my trainee) was there to replace me and here I would like to share some pictures he clicked. Let me CONGRATULATE whole heartedly to "Deepa and Shital" for the couple-hood and LOVE they just vowed.
"MERO PANI ENGAGEMENT HAI" (I still don't believe that I got engaged) Well that's how Deepa blabbed looking at her engagement pictures.
HAPPY TO ENGAGED AND HAPPY TO LOVE: Deepa with the whole bunch of friends.
BARSHA's RIGHT: Barsha always seem so fond of being photographed with Deepa.
CORDIAL WELCOME: Welcome Shital! not just into Deepa's life, also in our FRIENDSHIP.


srijanablog said...

Jiten Dai,

Please convey our congratulations to the couple "Binita and Shital".

Srijana and Pradeep

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing Deepa's engagement pics with all of us. Deepa looks gorgeous and so do our Shital Vena. Perfect matching.


Jitu'cha said...

Srijana! It's 'DEEPA' ni not 'Binita'. Guess what! I'm going to post more pics of Deepa's engagement coz many frens wish to see more. And yes thank you Anju for your first comment here in my blog. Keep doing so. C ya around.

Anonymous said...

''malai pani pheri engagement garna maan lagyo but with my beloved buda sanga hai, ani photo herna pugena, I would be very happy if I can see some more pictures, deepa ji badhai cha, shital is very bhagyamaani''
By the way, everyone is looking very rista pusta in photos.

Jitu'cha said...

Chantu dear! bear some more time hai. I definitely gonna upload more pics. And yes thank you for the comment hai. I bet everyone is pretty 'Rista Pusta' and HAPPY for Deepa ni.

Jitu cha.

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