Sunday, August 27, 2006

Butterfly In My Bedroom

My sleepless eyes,
this odd hour of midnight.
Beautiful black butterfly in my bedroom
Came to me as if an Angel,
that descended from heaven above
Fluttering its vibgyor wings
to vanish solitude of my broken heart.
It felt strangely beautiful.
My heart tried to regain its lost beats
My eyes started get watery
for this touch of care it has
I thought how helpless it could be.
Not finding true flower brimming with nectar
and for the love it has for nature
Instead stayed tremendously peaceful,
on an empty page lies before me,
waiting patiently for an eruption
Of my lonesome words
It gently fluttered its beautiful wings
Evoking poem in me
I followed and heard its flutter
as if it's telling me
time to bed and not to worry.
With teary eyes I kept watching,
it went resting on my pillow
Weird realization made me wonder,
how this so called God sneak up on you sometime
With a heavy heart,
I watched it resting on my pillow for long.
Not wanting it to leave me
but I couldn't deny its love
So I got on to my feet from study table,
And again it fluttered away
Clung on the empty white wall.
Voice jingled to me from deep inside,
as if it is an empty canvas of my life
and I nodded with sob.
And accept this harsh reality which maimed my heart
Silent scream inside me jolted
I must paint my life all again
Yeah I must
Sense of ease loosen the lump,
troubling me breathe.
Suddenly an urge to stay awake animated
and I wish to see my other dreams
Yet to make vivid reality.
Triumphing over my negative thoughts
I sprang back to blog this empty pages,
giving form to this beautiful thought,
which I feel at this melancholy midnight.
Broken, lost, grief-stricken
I try to wade through this dark alley
and foster ahead in life for much more beautiful tasks,
that await me to unveil,
and spread the joy I just discovered.
Thank You Dear Black Butterfly in my Bedroom.


Anonymous said...

It is high time you should break your silence and come out of your cocoon..

Jitu'cha said...

This is, I should say an unplanned break I have to give myself out of the blue. Sorry for keeping my blog in humdrum for this long but I definitely will march back with tons of stuffs to share. Please bear up little more time.

Dear Anonymous, A big 'Thank You' for your concern.

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