Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spree Forest and it's Beauty

Today was indeed a wonderful day because I’ve received a call from back home in early morning and went excursion to the Spree forest, which is full of nature. Nine am in the morning when we all went to Spree forest with Dr. Claus, Ms. Angelika and Mr. Niklash. It took approximately one hand half hour ride from IIJB to reach Spree Forest and boat for us was already booked. Actually Spree is the name of a famous river here in northeastern Germany, which flows down from the Lusatian Mountains just above Neugersdorf and wade through north past Bautzen and Spremberg, where it splits temporarily into two arms. After it passes Cottbus, the river divides into a network of channels, forming a marshy wooded region that is known as the Spree Forest of Lübbenau and Lübben. After a brief welcome speech by our Boat sailor guide in German we slowly started to wade through Spree river which looks like a painted canvas with lush green. This river is divided into two parts, Upper and Lower Spree Forest. Upper Spree forest is a huge water labyrinth and full of small trees. Sailing was very quite and beautiful. I like the smell and sound of forest, which is full of birds chirping and distinctive cuckoo singing like we do have back home. Both Lübbenau and Lübben are known as a tourist destination here in Germany and is very famous for its sour cucumber pickle. Many local shops were selling these special pickles almost everywhere. The best way to navigate Lübbenau and Lübben is by boat in Spree River, which threads their way through this park-like agricultural area. All boats are sailed by single man without motor engine. Venturing into this Spree is a unique experience of both for its landscape and culture of Lübben. River is about 100km/62mi southeast of Berlin, and it's humid lowland with sandy flats and dunes and crossed by numerous water-courses known as the "Fliessen." The Spree River here in Berlin is 382km long. The Spree also holds other importance to Berlin. It supplies most of Berlin's drinking water and other needs. A large part of the river's water is pumped up out of the coalmine around Cottbus, replacing the ground water which itself has been reduced by constant use over the centuries. Fauna and flora in this biosphere reserve of Spree forest has about 830 species of butterflies, 113 different mussels and snails, 36 species of fish, 45 mammals species of birds like crane, gray heron, sea eagle, big brackish bird, hoopoe, king-fisher, all species of woodpecker, white and black stork and 48 species of dragonflies which definitely is a good sign of ecologically intact water ways. Well we are not able to see different kinds of these birds but we enjoyed a lot listening their sweet chirping.
In 1991 UNESCO recognized this forest as its cultural heritage list and every year it attracts more than 3 million tourists. Okay I guess I really don’t have to equip any word to tell all how we felt from this wonderful excursion. Here are whole lots of pictures telling stories of its beauty. Just enjoy!! It is very interesting how local people love to decorate their homes with all these miniature in their small garden which are full of beautiful flowers.
Little company while we were sailing through the Spree River. These are wild ducks but still they are relaxed with people and they keep following boats like dolphin. With Dr. Rüdiger Claus(Director of IIJB).


kabita Ghimire said...

It is so beautiful. I envy you

Anonymous said...

Paradise, loved the pictures

Anonymous said...

The greenery in the photos is so serene and makes mind peaceful. The place is really very nice. I am sure you had great time there.

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