Monday, August 10, 2009

Clicking Babies

If any photographic situation calls for a greater degree of sensitivity than usual, it is when photographing babies. Here are some pictures I took yesterday evening of my 17 hours old nephew.

Warning: Using direct flash light to photographs babies it too risky job because light that emit by camera flash or additional flash is too harsh for babies delicate eyes and could easily damage their eyes permanently. So NEVER EVER use direct flash light to photographs infant. Try to shoot with available light, perhaps daylight coming through a window balanced on the shadow side by using reflector.

It is a incredible moment for me to see 'this will' of my 17 hours old nephew, who is summing up strength to lift his head to look who clicking his photos. While photographing babies and children always look out for such special moment when they glance at you and give million dollar expression.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Surya Di,

Love to little nephew.......


Raman said...

Great Picture Jitu ji-wishing you for more success with good time!
Cheers for life

Puspa said...

So cute.

Congratulation Jiten dai and Surya didi.

Anonymous said...


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