Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seminar on Photojournalism for Beginners Begins.

Executive member Ananda Shrestha welcoming Dr. Rudiger Claus in the formal program. Photo: Narendra Shrestha.

After a short formal opening session 10 days long seminar for beginners: photography Training begins this morning in Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ. Dr. Rudiger Claus, Director of International Institute of Journalism, Berlin-Brandenburg, (IIJB) Germany along with other senior Nepalese Photojournalist. There are 15 participants from different media houses and other several organization. Training is jointly organized by Media Training Center (MTC)NEFEJ and IIJB.

Participants introducing before the seminar starts.

Seminar will go on till 7th of September 2009 and participant will learn basics of photojournalism and how to master the tool they have to click better picture with a clear message. Without a doubt this seminar will help these budding photographer to know photography in a digital way and know the genre of photojournalism.

The Seminar/Training is sponsored by Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (RSL).

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