Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Moment Making Momo at Manandhar Niwas

After a long break I enjoyed eating Momo (Tibetan Cuisine) at Prakash's place (Prakash Manandhar) with the whole bunch of my FRIENDS. Winter is a perfect season to gorge delicious Momos and last Saturday I had more than just delicious Momo. Guess what! It's 'Philippino Macaroni Salad' prepared diligently by Karishma (Arpana Sharma) and it was so yummy. So nice of Karishma that she even taught me how to prepare it. Soon I will prepare it at home and surprise my Bhaujus (Sister-in-laws).

Besides all the fun and joy we all Friends had at Prakash's place, I felt more joy to see 'Ma' (Prakash's Mother) and 'Nini" (Prakash's aunt) enjoying and being part of our Friends Get-together. That's the best part. Here I have couple of pictures from the day . Enjoy.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a krazy blogger down under in - New Zealand !!! Thank you for sharing your "little windows" to your world. I'll be back....

Anonymous said...

We missed the momo party.
There was never a momo party when we were there and now.....a great momo party after we left kathmandu. Maile bujhe sabai kura.


IESE MBA 2007 said...

Jiten cha, thank you for the suggestions on the camera issue. Keep rolling! Jiten cha with his bicycle in Nagarkot looks amazing.

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