Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Painting

Yes I do paint. I love to paint. I do paint to amuse myself. I paint for people to show I care and love. I paint to value my free time. I even paint to grace romance with My Sunshine. (One good reason, rite?) There are rooms that hung up my paintings. Many people know me by my paintings and they say I am a good 'painter' but I don't consider myself eligible for that title. WHY NOT?? Well simply because, I don't create my painting but copy them. You may have different reason not to agree me. But that's how I feel. I feel flattered when people say that I am a good painter. Please make comment (I would be happy to know) if I am underestimating myself not accepting the title. By the way, you can Click here to view some sketches which I did to show 'Beauty of Women's Body.


Kelvin said...

You are a great photographer and a greater artist. What other hidden talents do you have ??? Pray tell us !!! Strange as it may seem, I am blogging overnight at an internet cafe, the cost of which is $10 from 11pm to 8am. I also got a coffee $3 & a chocolate bar $2. Si I got a $5 note in change from my $20. So ??? On the $5 note is Sir Edmund Hillary & Mt.Everest.
Merry Christmas from New Zealand.

Jitu'cha said...

Dear Kelvin,
Many thanks for your compliments. It's good to hear from you. "Hidden Talents" Hum... I guess it's not but I sure am little eccentric person, who loves to re-acquaint oneself with many contrary things. Guess what I also love cooking and Keeping Pigeons. Have you ever heard of homeing pigeons and pigeon flying sport or not. If not try this and

And Merry Christmas to you too. Hope this season will bring you more happiness and success.


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