Monday, December 26, 2005

Sangita in Kathmandu

Sangita's unexpected visit back home surprised not just me but all friends. I must confess, it's a pleasant surprise and her visit came to us as a package full of merry time. It's so good to have her back home after a long time. She got a long break of 12 days plus festive holidays, so she grabbed the opportunity to visit home and have good times with friends and family. So sweet of her. By the way, there are lots of other sweet things she does and that's what make her so different from the rest.

Just before Christmas Eve we had a grand get-together at Road house Café in Thamel (Most happening tourist hub of Kathmandu). We had a wonderful evening and a blast of fun. We dined, wined and gobbled several round of mouth-watering pizzas. And yes if you ever visit Thamel, don't miss to drop in for wood fire pizzas and other superb menus at Roadhouse Cafe. I highly recommend the place. Of course, it's one of my favorite hangout. Okay here are some pictures to share those funs we recently had. Enjoy!!!!

Smiles for Life: Deepa, Sangita and Barsha never get tired to wear those beautiful smiles on their faces to pose for me and I love that. Indeed smile improve anyone's face value.
Close F R I E N D S: Lucky me indeed to have so many close friends who care a lot. Deepa, Sangita myself and Barsha.Toast for Happiness: Shalu and Sangita toasting for the goodtime. Sssssh! Don't tell anybody that now Shalu has developed quite a remarkable appetite for wine. Merry time before Merry Christmas: Sangita, Prakash and Barsha enjoying the good vibes.
Celebrate Life, Celebrate Friendship: Having a gala time at Roadhouse Cafe.
Long Live Our Friendship:No get-together would ever complete without a group snap. In the pictures: Binaya (Binita's hubby far left), Prakash, Ujwom, Shalu, Juna, Bikash, Barsha, Deepa, Binita (in front row in red), Batshala (Binita's daughter) Sangita, Sangeeta (Prabin's wife), Prabin, Shayeet (Shalu's son in red far right) and Aashish.


IESE MBA 2007 said...

la maximum moj garya jasto chha Sangita aaudaa. Happy New Year to you and rest of the gang.


Jitu'cha said...

Dear Pradeep & Srijana,
Egualmente Tambien to you both hai.

Jitu cha.

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