Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Berlin After Sunset

This is how IIJB Building looks like after sunset. Took this picture couple of hours before we went to Alexanderplatz.

Shopping mall at the Alexanderplatz.

Saturn another shopping mall which is schedule to open on 24 March 2009.

World time tower.

One of the hotel at Alexanderplatz and Galeria Shopping mall where you can do shopping the whole day.

In front of Media Market. (From left Mukunda, Bimal dai, Narendra,Chandra Sheker dai and Siddhartha dai.

And this is sBan (Train).

Nearest train station "Brinkinstine" from IIJB building.

Train station at Alexanderplatz.
Tunnel road in Alexanderplatz.


Anonymous said...

Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle

It looks like you really enjoying taking pics out there..........
In such a sort time u have posted so many pics.........
Thanks for letting us see Berlin from youur eyes.

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