Monday, March 16, 2009

Press Photographers Seminar Begins

ToT participants keeping ‘Perfect focus’ not just while taking pictures but also in Dr. Claus’s presentation.

Director of IIJB and Chief trainer of Press Photographer ToT seminar 2009, Dr. Rudiger Claus delivering welcome speech before formal lunch with our guest from Rosa Luxemburg, Ms. Songa Blasig.

After opening session of Press photographer ToT seminar 2009 we had deciduous lunch and this group shot in front of IIJB building with a guest, Ms. Songa Blasig from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. (In the picture from left: Chandra Shekar Karki, Siddhartha K. Shakya, Mr. Peter May, Ms. Songa Blasig , Dr. Rudiger Claus, Bimal Chandra Sharma, Ms. Angelika Sculze, Narendra Shrestha and I.)

Mr. Peter May said, Photojournalist should be not just a clicker but also a thinker. I see a great thinker within our senior participant, Chandra Shekar dai. (Our one of favorite trainer here in IIJB in background.)

Smiling Ms. Songa got sandwiched by beer. If you just see the face of Ms. Songa then look closely, you may see other two face in the beer glass.

Not so regular portrait of Ms. Songa Blasig from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Siddhartha dai, finds something funny in photography magazine Dr. Claus broughts for us, while Bimal dai seem lost in thoughts behind.

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