Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nepali Khana in Berlin

We participants were invited by Sarad Paudel ji at Nepalese Embassy for Nepali Khana. And I know for sure our word falls short to thank Sarad dai for this wonderful invitation of Nepali Khana at his place. He is very good hearted person. We are also thankful to Bhauju for preapring such a delicious Nepali Khana for us. Thank you on behalf of all ToT particiapnts.

Sarad Paudel ji from Nepalese Embassy narriting his heart touching poems in his apartment.

Infront of Nepalease Embassy.

Group picture for memory.

With very smart Akanchhya (cute daughter of Sarad ji) to whom I share some drawing skills.

Berlin bear infront of Nepalese Embassy.


kabita Ghimire said...

good to see your blog updated more frequently. I think I have met Sharad ji.. when? where? how? I do not remember:-)

la germany ma moj garnu...

Himalaya said...

east or west Nepali food the best :)

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