Friday, May 25, 2007

Baltic Sea & My first Dip

My first dip was one heck lot of experience and I will never ever forget its chillness down my spine. I was very excited from the very beginning when we were taken to Heligendamm where G8 Summit is going to be held. After visiting the place we headed toward the Baltic Sea and couldn’t wait to take my first dip.

The Baltic Sea extends 1.300 km from North to South, 1.000 km from Wet to East, has an average depth of 55 meters and a max. Water temperature of about 20 celcus in summer. There are virtually no tides.

Sailing fans enjoy the Baltic as an attractive body of water, satisfying an extensive variety of tastes; wide horizons and narrow channels, changeable weather and ideal sailing winds, long summer days and short nithts, gently sandy beaches and steep cliffs, rocky islets and massive fjords, berren shores and colorful coastal landscape, busy harbors and cosy bays.

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powdered thoughts said... thats the best shade of blue. Thats the best color of earth. Breath taking. Isn't it amazing there are such beautiful places on this very earth?? I am so delighted for you that I got goosebumps the first time I saw those pictures.
This cant get any better.
Rock on!

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