Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Youths and Lifestyle

Youths are everywhere and Berlin is no exception. There are some remarkable things I find with them, which is totally different from Nepali youths. Of course they have more freedom to do what they want to do then we do back home. Independence is very vivid. But to some extend this freedom of independence is polluting their good images. Sp fare I haven’t seen those youths getting drunk even though drinking beer is a part of culture here. And most of them are smoker. One of our teachers told me that they start to smoke when they became 12 or 13 years old. Smoking is strictly prohibited here and buying cigarette is difficult but still you find youth smoking all the time. Railways are full of cigarette butts and some places butts outnumbered pebbles. I have some good pictures of them.

Punks can be seen but they are decent people like other youths. I don’t see youth so fond of their mobile phones but instead they love to read wherever they go. They don’t talked much with other people while in traveling in trams, buses, and trains but if they are in groups they seem so enjoying chatting. And yes every youth has ipod and listening music all the time. They are so fond of this gadget. Here are some pictures to share.

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