Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sight Seeing & City Tour

Berlin Town Hall, now the official seat of the mayor of Berlin, was constructed in the style of the north Italian High Renaissance from 1861–69, according to plans by H.F. Waesemann.The architecture of the tower, however, is reminiscent of the bell tower of the cathedral in the French city of Laon. Because of its colour, the imposing building is known colloquially as the "Rotes Rathaus" or "Red Town Hall". In 1879, the exterior was decorated with the "Stony Chronicle", a terracotta frieze on the first floor (36 plates, each 6m in length) showing scenes from the history of Berlin. The building was seriously damaged in the Second World War; following its reconstruction from 1951–58, it became the seat of the East Berlin magistrate, while the city council of the West resided in the town hall in the district of Schöneberg. After reunification, the reigning mayor moved back to Berlin Town Hall. In front of the building there is a sculpture by Fritz Kremer (1958), which symbolizes Berliners rebuilding their city.

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basu's blog said...

Dude, by going through your pictures I remembered my first days in Canada, same feelings and same enthusiam. I was excited when I dragged by dogs sledge in full of snow as you excited while you deep in baltic sea. I can feel your feelings. So best of luck for your days in Germany. Don't forget to hang around in bars for beers and more.....


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