Friday, June 15, 2007

Jitu'cha: In & Out of Frame

It was this huge framed flex print of Brandenburg gate which attracted my attention at first and just when I approached to take some snaps this boy wearing full black dress find me curious and entered into my frame as if he loves to flirt with my composition. And in photojournalism that’s what we say a “FRIUTFUL MOMENT”. Being a photojournalist we wait for such moment and spice up little drama to the picture. And guess what when I turned around back one of my friend from India Lalit Sharmawas trying to keep me into his frame and he too find it a fruitful moment because of another local photographer was finding another frame of fruitful moment at the back. I thinks these all are interesting shot for you to gawk sometime.


Basanta said...

Nice photos jitujee!

I regularly read your jokes in Kantipur Saptahik, but reading this vlog for the first time.

Good works! Keep rocking!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photography indeed, well the flex seems more real, but the man behind you (giving pose for the camera) flops the concept.

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