Friday, June 22, 2007

Rain & Music Festival in Berlin

Berlin is a place on earth with full of festivals happening every month and yesterday it was another festival that rocked Berlin. More then 200 musical bands were gathered at various parts of Berlin city and preformed enticing music that made people to brave any bad weather. It was a cold rainy day but they proved their love for music coming out in the rain. Indeed Berlin appeals to music lovers of all genres. Well you have to be here to feel MUSIC that goes straightly to your heart. Some of my favorite days in Berlin were summer days, a downpour followed by sunshine and rainbows. And of course, walking on my own around downtown watching city life which always enthused my eyes. Well now it’s time to say good-bye to Berlin and I am full of words in heart. I wish I could express them all here but will do that in coming days. Once I back home. Indeed I have cashed so many wonderful memories and the positive vibe inside me to push the limit for rest of my life. Karina: A Friend from Potsdam, enjoying the thrill of music festival. Daphna very lively person with such talanted voice.

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