Sunday, June 10, 2007

Berlin and Cycling

My first aerial view of Berlin was of windmills mushrooming from the ground and my second view from Mr. Niklash blue van was of cycles. I became so happy to see many cycles rolling around, as I use cycle back home. And instantly I thought I can also use cycle sometime but, Ne.. (That’s how German say, “NO”) one month is not enough time for me to learn traffic rules and instruction regarding cycle and even when I asked this to Ms. Angelika, she abruptly willed not to provide me any cycle considering I may get into road accident. I became little sad but I did ride cycle for once here when Paul came for Bowling on his cycle. And I took his cycle for a ride within non-traffic area near the bowling center. It was fun. Here in Berlin, cycling is becoming favorite mode of transport. People of all ages do ride cycle ever now and then. More and more Berliners are leaving their cars at home and getting on their bike as awareness of environmental and health issues increases. Very encouraging and I think we people of Kathmandu should also adapt this environmentally friendly mean of transportation. Despite of being a metropolis with approximately 3.4 million residents, Berlin is the ideal place for exploring tour by bike. Since Berlin is without any steep hills or narrow curves, one can move easily through Berlin as a bicycler. And according to estimates provided by the ADFC Berlin (in German), three million people in the capital own a bicycle. About half of all journeys made in Berlin cover under five kilometres and for routes of this distance nothing beats the bicycle. No getting stuck in traffic jams, no time wasted searching for somewhere to park, and the daily exercise, of course, is good for us. So, why not Kathmandu take some lesson from Berlin? And needless to tell that cycling is always good for health. It is an ideal sport to improve your figure and your health. German simply love cycling and that's why the Berlin Senate plans to double the number of bicycles on the roads by expanding off-road bicycle paths and facilities, creating city bicycle routes on traffic arteries, constructing long-distance bicycle routes, introducing other suitable traffic-related measures, like cycle lane, road signals especially for cycles. Nearly all big streets are featured with a bicycle lane. And you know even businesspeople and members of parliament use cycle to go to their offices. Many people here enjoy cycling through the countryside with family, friends and neighbors. I have seen many families cycling together going places. It is always amusing sight for me to take pictures.

I know in any part of the world, cycling is always the intelligent choice because of cost, travel time in moving around city. Since I am not allowed to cycle here in Berlin, I miss my cycle a lot.Some cycle action in road.

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