Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sunny day n' Berliner.

Today we went to two different places. One was Photography Museum called Helmut Newton Foundation Museum: Helmut Newton himself established it at the end of 2003. It is an international foundation dedicated to the promotion, preservation and presentation of the photographic works of Helmut and June Newton (his wife), who under the name of Alice Springs has also produced a significant body of portraiture photography since 1970. And next visit was to C/O Berlin: The Cultural Forum for Photography. After visiting HelMut Newton Foundation Museum we went to Monbijoupark for lunch with Mr. Holger Wenk (freelance journalist). I had a huge oriental lunch with a big glass of Berliner Beer. Lunch consisted wide variety of oriental menus and it was so tasty. I ate a lot. Helmut Newton Foundation: Museum for photography.

After this delicious lunch, I took some pictures of Berliner enjoying sunbath in the park. It was like people were picnicking in the sun and looks very relaxed. Many tourists too enjoying their drinks out in caf├ęs surrounding the park. Berlin has a continental climate typical of North-Eastern Europe. The weather in summer (June - August) is relatively stable and warm. It’s June and relatively it’s much like weather in Kathmandu but people love sun a lot. And today it’s 25-30 degrees Celsius and perfect time for Berliner for sun bathing. But for me a good day to shoot pictures. Mr. Hong (Participant from North Korea) and I went for lot places to take pictures in the evening. Inside C/O Berlin Gallery

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