Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yellow Rose & Peter Joshep Lenne’ Oberschule

Yellow Roses and wonderful interaction program today. I enjoyed a lot visiting Peter Joshep Lenne’ Oberschule School and talking to many interesting students there. We went there at 9:30 morning and it was part of our course that we were invited to the school and share things about our countries and our culture and purpose of our visit to Germany among student. We even had a quiz contest regarding Europe, Africa and Asia among student of the school and it was nice experience for us. Beside we also had interaction program with students and allowed them to ask any question they like But they were very few questions and I think it must be because they are not fluent in English language. And for them this program was a part of their English-speaking lesson. I hope today they too had a great time sharing things with us.

We were warmly welcome by the school management head and later we introduced ourselves briefly to the first group of students. After then we shared about our profession, culture back in our countries and anything they would like to know about us. And questions from student were all sort and for us it was learning experience about their way of viewing us as guest of Germany. Most questions were regarding photography, photojournalism, paparazzi and our profession. It was good opportunity for them to see world from our perspectives. With second group we did a quiz contest and those who made a good points got prize handed over by Ms. Angelika. Later we went to visit other houses inside the school and those students toured us inside school of other departments and showed us their well-built Gymnasium hall where bunch students were having their volleyball practice session. We also visited a special class where both boys and girls student learn to cook food. I know many Asian countries never consider cooking as part of their academic course. At end of the program student gave us each a Yellow Rose as gesture of Friendship and cordial ties.


A said...

Lots of great pictures. gave the chance to go to Germany without buying the ticket :p

Anonymous said...

Hey uncle, i want u to get one yelow rose for me as well hai, this is my firsttime in life that i'm seeing a rose in yellow colour. Please get one for me n one for chori.

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