Sunday, June 03, 2007

Children’s Carnival @ Goerlitzer Park

Ever since I start to fall in love with photography I love taking pictures of small babies and children. And most of you know that quite well. I have even blogged on Photographing Children long time back. And how can I miss this great chance to take pictures of children's carnival here in Berlin yesterday evening at Goerlitzer Park. It was kind of funfill day for children and they seem discovering the world with all those recreational activity especially organized for them. Especially, clowns and music shows kept them like bee to nectar. Hundreds of parents flocked with their toddlers and were making sure for the best time for their children. Since everything to me was new I tried to talk to some parents to get more information on this Children Carnival but unfortunately they don’t speak English much and I had to rely on stalls representative from different part of the world who were there to showcase works on children.

After sometime I came to know that the carnival was for making sure that children have had best time with their parents. And this sort of carnival is also for different community come together and creat a cordial bond between. And parents here in Berlin are busy and they have no time to be with their children. Obviously children miss their parents a lot and they have less quality time with them. I know Nepalese parents are also on the same track thesedays and they have less time for their children due to working pressure of cosmopolitan life.

Anyway, yesterday what I saw there at Children Carnial was so nice, children were happy being with their parents, playing, eating, singing and enjoying day's out. And there I was smiling taking pictures of those cute children around. I have captured some beautiful pictures of children who had their faces painted. Let me share someof those pictues here in my blog. And yes those faces might look bit puzzled but actually they were watching clown show in an amazement. Enjoy the picture.

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