Friday, June 22, 2007

Auf Wieder Sehen Berlin!

Auf Wieder Sehen Berlin! See you again Berlin!
Yesterday it was a big day for me, a final day of my training on photojournalism here in Berlin and we had a nice cozy final ceremony. Program started with welcome speech by Ms Angelika And I had this pleasure to share special cookies (Lakhamari) to the chief guest, IIJB officials, teachers and participants, which I brought from back home. Dr. Ruediger Claus even quoted while we were about to toast Champaign, “You can find finest Champaign of the world anytime but you cannot find this special cookies Jitendra brought all the way from his home and from his heart, Cheers!!” And we all toasted Champaign with Newari Lakhamari. The Chief guest handed over the diploma certificates to all participants. And of course some photo session of the group then ceremony proceeded to delicious lunch. We all enjoyed such a lavish lunch with beer, wine and juice.
Receiving congratulation from Dr. Ruediger Claus, director of IIJB. Good wishes from Ms. Angelika Schulze. Mr. Georg Krause handshake for more solid confidence that I have in this passion of photography. Mr. Krause inspired me a lot and he's like a friend to me and his guidance was highly appriciated. With friends from North Korea Mr. Choe Han Il , Ms.Angelikaand Mr.Hong Myong Il. Giving souvenir “Statue of Buddha” to the Guest. Mr. Peter May who made this photojournalism training a difference. I have learnt so much from him and I enjoyed every single minute of his class. Since I am so quick to predict what to look for in pictures, he gave me the name ”Eyes of an Eagle” . I am simply moved by his depth of knowledge and wisdom in the field of photojournalism and I really really felt so honored to be one of his students. He definitely is one of my best teacher in life. Saying good-bye is always hard thing to do in life but we all were so happy to earn this new enthusiasm and confidence in us from the training.


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Jitu'cha said...

Thank You dear Chyantu, Saroj and Riti. Words mean lot to me and thank you for proving, you are always there to jot me words that makes DIFFERENCE. Proud of you too ;)

Anonymous said...

oh jhilke saro suhako ni daura suruwal dhaka topi ma.........
syangjali cheli(la la malai chincha ki chindaina?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jitu ji.
I'm regular reader of your jokes in saptahik.Unless I have not seen your this blog I think that you are Jitu Nepal.But in reality you are not.I'm confused because of your photo published in saptahik.So could you publish another diff. photo and full name in saptahik.By the way,Keep blogging and writing jokes.Bye!!

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