Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blog from Berlin

It’s a great feeling to write my blog from Berlin, Germany. Well there is so much to tell and I have no idea, where should I begin. Well both flights from Kathmandu to Doha and Doha to Berlin were smooth but couldn't sleep well in the plane. So most of the time I tuned to movie and music. It took almost 5 hours to reached Doha airport from Kathmandu and had to wait 2 hours at Doha airport but shopping mall within the airport was really terrific. Simply amazed to see luxury of life that commodities could bring. Pack of Heineken Beer pulled my attention for quite a long time, as one of my friend asked me to bring him lots of beer from Berlin ;) Well you can guess who he is. I roamed around and did lots of window-shopping. At the Doha airport, I enjoyed apples my ‘Ma’ gave me at home before I left home. And felt sorry to see many Nepali people working low level services there at the airport. It took another 6 and half hours to reach Berlin airport. And time difference dazzle me coz when we reached Berlin airport it was almost 6:40 in the evening but still it seem early noon. Angelika was there at the airport waiting for us to pick and Mr. Niklash took us to our final destination about one and half hour ride from the airport.

Okay so far, we have presented ourselves to the IIJB representative and enjoyed today's formal opening program. Both Ramesh and I were in Daura surwal at this very opening program and participant from other country like North Korea, India, Zambia, Tanz, Uganda .. were happy to see us in our national custom. We had a great time and of course, tons of pictures to share.

Guess what, no dal bhat .. all bread, butter, juice, beer and meat of all kind. But you know I had no problem switching my food menu and I think I am gonna put on lots of weight if I keep eating this menu with high calories with any workout or cycling. So, I have already started to jog in the morning. Location is cool and environment is simply perfect for outdoor workouts. Well everyone got car and it's rare to see people walking around.

It’s true that beer is really really cheap. Guess what I have already tested two brand of beer but didn't like the taste. But hey don’t you dare to think I am will return home being beerholic. I simply wanna taste all I can get. And wait for couple of weeks I will post all the brands of beer that I am gong to taste. You know it cost only 2 Euro for 6 bottles of beer and if you return 1 empty bottle they will give you 25 cent back. There is so much to write and which I will do that in next time. Course routine is tight and we have to be on move all the time. Seem like this 1-month I'm going to learn so much. But whenever I can I sure will blog more.
International Institute of Journalism Berlin, building where I am going to stay for 5 weeks.
Infront of International Institute of Journalism Berlin, building. My room is just above the enterance and view is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jiten

So nice to see your blog with full of your feelings. I am delighted to see it. Good luck for your new experience and see the developed countries. I know you will miss Nepal and family but at the sametime there are so many things to learn.

Take good care and bring wisdom back. All be best.


Juggy said...

Welcome to Europe bud!!
If U have any plan to travel around the Europe and come to Belgium just to taste some Belgian beers (They are really good!! ;)) then just holla me back!! I would love to show u around as a fellow Nepali! :)
have fun in Berlin!! :)

Jitu'cha said...

Dear Surya di
Thank you for your comment hai. Yea.. everything here in Berlin dazzled me a lot. Very developed and system is really good. It's good see developed cities like this.

Well it's just a month so I am not going to have a hard time missing friends and family too much but what I am finiding more difficult is the food part. God! It is totally different menu and they meat all the time. So, I am switching to juice, friuts and milk. Don't worry, I can sustain on that for a month ;)

And of course, place like this is just perfect to learn good things in life.

With much regards.

Dear Juggy
So nice of you to invite me there in Belgium, being more than just fellow Nepali (I guess). Thank you so much. I am afraid that my stay here in Berlin is just for 1 month and my routine is pretty tight. I am here for a training at IIJB (International Institute of Journalism Berlin) on photojournalism. If luck favors I sure will let you know hai ta. And yes beer here is really cheaper than water but I don't know why taste doesn't soothe me. So, I am more on tasting it rather drinking like all Germans ;)

You be happy and take care.


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